Friday, July 1, 2011

The Waterpark!

A few years ago when the boys were little (I still feel like they are little, but they tell me they aren't!) - they were about 18 months and 3 years old - Mom discovered this little waterpark. It's tucked away in this nice little area about 30 minutes from where she lives. It is SUPER affordable and is just right for little families like mine! David has seen pictures and heard us talk about it from when we have visited Mom, but he's never gotten to come with us - until this time! We all headed up in the morning excited about the day!!
Josiah's favorite is always the Lazy River and I must admit, I always love it! This place lets you float in an inner tube OR just swim along with the current! So fun either way!
Jacob, Tutu, and Josiah
Callie and Caleb LOVED these kids slides! Caleb initially wouldn't go down them until David walked up there with him. Then he was totally fine. After that, he and Callie must have done these 100 times! They would go up all by themselves, Callie would make sure Caleb stood right with her in line, and then he would go down after she went down the slide! It was the cutest!

Callie was really very sweet with Caleb (for once!) I told her she had to take care of him as they were going up and down these slides, and so she did! She would make sure he stayed right with her in line and then she'd wait at the bottom of every slide telling him "I'll catch you Caleb! Come on!" It was very sweet! Mom and I enjoyed watching the two of them.
This was where they would climb up to do the slides again.

Caleb took a few laps around the Lazy River with David later in the afternoon....I think it put him to sleep!
I took the big boys over to the big slides. We even convinced Tutu to do this one!! :) Here's Jacob!
...and here's Josiah!
Next we tried the tube slide. I was relieved to know that it wasn't totally dark, so I was okay with it!
Jacob was a little nervous about the fact that it was totally enclosed, so I told him to sit up so he wouldn't go too fast.
...and he loved it!
After I came back over to the kids area with the big boys, we discovered THESE two boys taking a little nap! :)
Caleb conked out after a few trips around the Lazy River and took a good nap on David! We had a funnel cake to give us a mid-afternoon boost and then when we decided we were about ready to leave, were shocked to discover that it was 6 pm! We thought it was only mid-afternoon! We had a GREAT time!
We stopped at Chipotle to eat dinner after leaving the park. Mostly because we knew we'd have 4 kids totally passed out asleep and wanted to be able to just put them in bed! We had a big morning the next day!! :)
(This picture is of Caleb at the restaurant. Sigh. He's at the in between stage of not really needing to sit in a high chair anymore, but not sitting very still in the booth yet!)


sandi said...

that's why morgan STILL sits in the high chair... whether she wants to or not!

anthonyandbeth said...

What a fun day! Hard to believe it's been that long since you had been there. Crazy!