Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on the sick people...

1. Jacob - Pitiful. Felt better after his mid-morning nap. Took at nap later this afternoon. Woke up, threw up, and has been flat on the couch the rest of the afternoon. Fever.

2. Callie - Is still in her jammies. Not complaining of her ear anymore but is saying she's hot. (Like Jacob). She's fine. But has enjoyed the day of TV that her sick brother is watching!!

3. Josiah - Says his ear feels a little better. Learned how to swallow pill medicine! That's exciting! Doesn't like his ear drops at all. Hoping he'll be feeling much better tomorrow.

4. David - Says his ear pain is definitely better. Feeling not as clogged up as he was this morning - can hear better, so that's good.

5. Me & Caleb - still great! Have enjoyed a quiet day at home! :)

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sandi said...

able to catch up on blogging i see! hope everyone feels better soon. can't believe david has an ear infection also. i am up to 104 tags (paula's sale) and still going strong. took a break and now i have to finish up. again, i am glad that the sickness did not ruin any of your vacation. the pool looked so fun!