Friday, July 22, 2011

The All-nighter!

It was QUITE a full week for my kids. They had SO much fun and loved every minute of it. We stayed pretty much to our normal schedule, except for the fact that they all woke up earlier and stayed up a bit later than normal. I made all of my kids take a nap one afternoon (Weds. or Thurs. - can't remember which). They were very sad - felt like they were missing out - but I assured them they would feel so much better if they rested a bit! I told Josiah and Jacob that they would be allowed to stay up as late as they wanted on the last night - and boy, did their eyes light up!!! They were confident that they were going to stay up ALL NIGHT LONG - and thought it was awesome that I wasn't going to make them go to bed!!!

So Friday night we had a few very excited kids!! While the grownups played a game, the kids went out and swam in the pool with only glowsticks as their light :)

We were inside playing a version of "The Newlywed Game" that Mom and Mary had come up with. It had questions about what we wore when we got engaged, what was the next piece of furniture we wanted to buy, what's our favorite date, favorite food, what kind of flowers were in our wedding, etc. It was hilariously fun - and Kelli & Scott were the winners! :)

Kelli and I told the "All-Nighter" kids that they were free to eat up whatever they wanted in the kitchen. After all, it was the last night of vacation and whatever didn't get eaten was going to be tossed in the morning! Again - they thought this was AWESOME! :)
First casualty - Jacob. He made it past 10 pm, which was shocking to me.
Next casualty (about 30 minutes later) was John. David took him upstairs to his bed, and he came bounding down the stairs about 10 minutes later saying he was awake and ready for the long haul! (We said he cheated by taking a little nap :) ).
Josiah and Luke doing their duty by eating up some ice cream bars from the fridge :)
The kids playing their own game of Killer Uno.
We said goodnight, told them they weren't allowed to swim in the pool, watch TV, or play video games once we were all in bed. They could play games and eat up whatever they wanted!
Looks like they didn't quite make it!!! This is how we found them in the morning! They played a TON of games and Josiah finally gave up at 4 am. Luke was still up at 6 am when his dad found him and told him to go to sleep! :)
This was one of the highlights of vacation for Josiah - he thought it was AWESOME. But he did say it was harder than he thought to stay up that late! :)

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sandi said...

i can not believe that josiah made it until 4! what time did he get up in the morning?