Saturday, March 30, 2013

It appears we have another sleepwalker on our hands...

 David and I were downstairs watching TV when we heard some noise upstairs.  This is what we found at the top of the stairs....Caleb...
...apparently decided he needed a belt on in the middle of the night with his pull up :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

He's on the move!

Time to reexamine what's under the coffee's no longer "out of reach" anymore!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rank Tests and Birthday Parties

 Saturday was kind of a crazy day.  Jacob had a karate rank test (you can tell how hot and sweaty it was in the dojo from this picture!!), and then we also had two different birthday parties to be at.  One was a party for Callie's friend Kelly (lots of little girls...Callie was in hog heaven), and the other was for our friend Tyler.  
 Judah's friend Molly was at Tyler's party, and the two enjoyed getting reacquainted :).  They were born just a few days apart, and Molly's mom Katie and I enjoyed getting caught up while these two chatted :)
"Look Molly!  If you get up on your hands AND knees, you'll be able to start MOVING places!" says Judah.
"You want me to do what?!?" says Molly.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lexington Flashlight Egg Hunt

 On Friday night, our city hosted a flashlight egg hunt - it was SO much fun!  They had a ton of carnival games all around before it got dark (at which my kids all won a free goldfish...yippee), free food, inflatables - super fun.  
 Then we all headed out to our respective fields.  They had it divided up by age group.  Thankfully, Josiah and Jacob were old enough to be at their field together while David and I were split between Callie and Caleb.  Then, they turned out all the lights, and...
...we turned our flashlights on and started hunting for eggs!  It so so much fun!  There were 50,000 eggs, and Callie found one of the 10 golden eggs!!  She was so excited - she won a special Easter bag filled with special goodies :).

Sunday, March 17, 2013

7 months old (+ a week)

Yep, he really is this cute in real life too!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Winter Jam 2013

David took the older boys to their first real concert experience - Winter Jam!!  They were so excited!  When David texted me this picture, I was SO glad NOT to be there!!  Winter Jam is awesome - it's a cheap concert (only $10/ticket) and they have a TON of artists there, but this is how you get in.  You show up early and hope you get in with the masses.

 There's not a real line.  It's just massive crowds.  So when they open the door, everyone floods in until they close the doors.  And David thought I was crazy when I told him to go early!

 The boys thought it was super fun though, and added to the whole experience for them!  :)

 Toby Mac was the main artist the boys were interested in seeing.  The concert started at 7 pm, and Toby Mac didn't even come on stage until after 10 pm.  That is a LATE night for my little guys!
Jacob took a little bit of a break during some of the "opening" acts....they enjoyed Toby Mac and were awfully sleepy when they got home around midnight :).  So fun!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shopping Fun

 Now that Judah can sit up so well, 
Publix just became a lot more fun!  :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

1st Soccer Practice!

 This boy had hardly rolled out of bed when he came running into my room and said he needed to get ready for soccer!  His first practice was tonight and he was SO excited!!!  He has been dribbling a soccer ball up and down the field since he was 18 months old - not even joking.  We would be on the sidelines watching Jacob and Josiah play, and little baby Caleb would be dribbling the ball on the empty field next to them - better than some of their own teammates!  Ridiculous how coordinated this kid is.  So he was EXCITED!!

As the day progressed, some other exciting things I became his coach!  Oh my!  I had seen the emails that they were short a few coaches.  David was already coaching Callie's team.  Jacob and Caleb were also playing.  Josiah had decided to take the season off since his karate is pretty demanding on its own.  I was going to bounce between Jacob and Caleb's fields while keeping Judah with me.  But on the day of the first practice, I saw another email that one team was still without a coach.  And it was Caleb's team.  I called up the coordinator and agreed to coach.  Swallow.  I am NOT athletic.  At all.  Don't know a lot about soccer.  But I DO know three year olds.  And I know enough to teach them the basics of soccer.  That's really all 3 year olds need to know anyways, right?  I told Josiah when he got off the bus and he said "It's okay mom.  I'll help you.  I know everything about soccer".  Phew!  Caleb's team now officially had a coach and an assistant coach :)
 After GREAT practices, we went to Salsarita's, where Mondays is kids eat free night AND the balloon lady is there!  Score!!  (And for those wondering what my baby did while I was coaching, Judah hung out with my sweet friend Alli, whose kids were also practicing that night on our fields).  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food from the Heart

 Our church partners with our Christian radio station and another church in the area to conduct the largest food drive in the Midlands every year.  It's called Food from the Heart, and we spread out all across the cities and ask people that are going into the grocery store if they would pick up an extra item or two to donate to the food banks in our area.  
 The response is always overwhelming.  For the most part, people are happy to help and the stories we hear of people that have been blessed in the past that are now able to give BACK to the food bank - it's amazing.
 It's a great project that our whole family is able to participate in, and the kids did a great job.  Jacob especially was excited to step up this year and actually TALK to people (not just hand out bags or stack up food).  I was so proud of him!

David and I were at two different entrances of Food Lion...apparently this is what our "helpful" kids were doing on his side...

Friday, March 8, 2013


 he was SO excited when I came into his classroom!  The teacher has us provide clues about who we are, and he said he guessed it was me!  I am SO thankful that I am able to be involved in my kids' school in ways like this!!  They all love it, but THIS boy's face absolutely LIGHTS up when I get to see him at school!!
These two (Jacob and Callie) asked to go to sleep in our bed...something we occasionally let them do on the weekends.  We move them back to their beds when we come upstairs later on.  This is how we found them when we came up to go to bed.  Precious.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

4 Pictures that make me happy!

 #1. I get to surprise Jacob and be the Mystery Reader for his class tomorrow!!  This is what I'm reading :)
 #2. This is the face I get to walk into after naptime is over!
 #3. Okay, it's the same thing as number too except even closer and happier!
#4. Josiah's teacher texted me this picture.  It's always nice to hear that they actually DO love each other when some days you begin to wonder :).

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


i just finished posting all about our trip to savannah with my mom and sisters! so fun! i had to stop and get a granola bar in the middle of posting tho - all those pictures of food were totally making me hungry!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

AWANA Grand Prix 2013

We've been waiting for this day for months!!  The Grand Prix is finally here!  Unfortunately, Caleb woke up during the night...and not because he was so excited about the Grand Prix!!  I got him back to sleep but in the morning discovered he had gross stuff draining out of his toe.  David confirmed that he probably had an ingrown toenail and we needed to get it checked out.  David took the other four to the Grand Prix while Caleb and I headed to the pediatrician. :(

 Jacob's is 2nd from left (Garnet & Black Crayon - GO USC!) and Callie's is 5th from left (Pink car with purple flames)
 Josiah's is the NFL football in the middle

Josiah and Joey helped keep Judah entertained :)

 Mr. Todd getting the cars lined up JUST perfectly on the track
 Callie was apparently VERY nervous...not sure why, but David said she was near tears before it was her turn to race.
 Mrs. Tammy helped her take her car to the track and then once she raced she was fine.  Bizarre!
 Meanwhile, Caleb and I were at the doctor and reading this book about the farmer.  He pointed to the picture and said "Mom, there's me and Wilson!" (Remember, he and his buddy got to dress up as raccoons in our Christmas musical last year :)  )

 Brother racing against brother.  Glad I wasn't there!
 Everybody came home with trophies!  I was shocked!! They were thrilled!
 We also brought home two more friends!  Our friends Mark & Shannon called that morning and said Shannon had gone into labor and could we keep her other girls for a bit.  Absolutely! Callie always loves the opportunity to have more girls come over!
 Jacob won 1st in Design, Callie won 3rd in Speed, and Josiah won 2nd in Speed.
 Callie and Kelly are two peas in a pod!
Heading out to jump on the trampoline for a bit :)