Monday, July 11, 2011

Not the morning I had planned....

Went for a run this morning - first time in probably 2 weeks. It was awful. I knew it would be. Insanely hot and muggy outside. I could feel every bit of the homemade ice cream that I've been eating for the last week. Ugh. Serves me right though! I made it though - a shorter distance than I've done in a LONG while - but it's over and checked off. Time to get serious. It's probably a good thing Beth made me sign up for our next half-marathon months ago!!

Then I came home to a text message from one sister (Kelli) saying that our other sister (Kim) fell last night and thinks she broke her wrist. Ugh again. So I've spent the better part of my morning on the phone between sisters and mom waiting for news and passing along the news that we DID have. Kim is now home and going to bed - she's in a temporary cast now and will see the ortho. doctor tomorrow afternoon. The xray showed a clean break so that's good news - she shouldn't need surgery. I told her to get a waterproof cast, make it pink, and we'll definitely push her around Sea World in a wheel chair so that all 18 of us can at least go straight to the front of all the lines! :)

And of course it's Monday which is my big cleaning day. But we have two friends over for the day so you can guess how much cleaning is actually happening. Sigh. 4 in bed now. 2 watching Star Wars. Going to try and get some things actually accomplished now!!! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

I hear you on the overeating and the hard run! Ugh! But we are moving in a NEW direction! :-). Sorry about Kim. Glad she is home and resting!