Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caleb's Birthday Pool Party

I was SO super excited to finally have a baby with a summer birthday - because it meant I could finally do a pool party! And Caleb is the PERFECT boy to do a pool party because he LOVES to swim!!!
We reserved our clubhouse by the pool and it was the perfect, easiest party! We invited our friends to join us at 11 am for lunch and swimming fun - doesn't get any easier than that!
It was another 100 degree day - so the pool felt great!!
David grilled hotdogs for us, and we also had mac & cheese, frozen gogurts, grapes, and chips (I think all Caleb ate were cheetos and grapes. seriously.).
Drew's mommy was my first piano student - he's getting so big!!!

KJ is in Caleb's classes at church - they are good buddies! :)
Surprisingly, we about had the pool to ourselves - it was perfect!!!

Saree and her mommy (who is getting ready to have baby #2 in a few weeks!) Nadine and I were at the hospital together - Saree and Caleb were born just a few hours apart!!! :)
We ate our cupcakes out on the pool deck. I decided that since Caleb isn't really into any "characters" that I would choose a cupcake that I thought would taste yummy - not look all cutesy.
I'm not sure that he totally "got" the whole thing - but he didn't cry (like Josiah did when he was 2!!!)
He did blow out his candles all by himself though! :)
...and then sat down to enjoy himself some cupcake!!
They were delicious (if I do say so myself!) it was a recipe from one of my Cake Doctor cookbooks. Sort of a copy of the Hostess chocolate cupcakes with cream filling in the center. They were awesome! (I have a better picture of the middle later on in the day...)

Cooper enjoyed his too!!

It was a SUPER fun afternoon playing with and celebrating Caleb. How thankful we are that God blessed our family with him - and for all these wonderful friends to celebrate with us!!

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sandi said...

isn't it great having a pool in your community! the fun of it being right up the street but none of the maintenance if it were in your back yard.

btw ~ meredith just saw a picture of callie and asked how old "baby callie" was. when i said four she just about fell over... "what baby callie is four already?!?" funny!