Thursday, July 14, 2011

Josiah's Date with Daddy

David took these pictures with his phone, so I'm just now getting around to posting this. Sorry!

Last weekend, Josiah got to go have his date with Daddy. He was SO excited and had been looking forward to it for quite some time!! It was delayed a week because of David having to leave town for his uncle's funeral, so Josiah was REALLY ready to go! They went to go see the movie Cars 2 - and they loved it! (They used my last 2 free movie tickets...I got about 6 of them when Toy Story 3 came out from cereal boxes....)
David even texted me on the way telling me he got free popcorn at the movie with his smartphone! What a smart husband I have! :)
They had a great time together!!


Courtney said...

i heard it was violent...what do you think for joshua?? (or what does david think?)

Judy said...

Yeah, What does David think? My kids are earning that movie right now, but I've heard good things about it.