Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not Saying Goodbye Yet!

Mom had texted me a few days earlier in the week and said "I don't have any responsibilities at church on Sunday. Would it be okay if I went back with you to SC for a few days?" Ummm. Let me check if it's okay. YES!! I was so excited and, being one who LOVES surprises, decided not to tell the kids! So we drove back to Tutu's house after the airport to say "goodbye" and when Callie said "I wish you could come with us to our house", Tutu said "okay, I will!" Their faces were priceless! Super excited that we didn't have to say goodbye quite yet!!

I drove Mom's car and David drove our van and we took turns with two kids in each vehicle. It was SO fun having Mom with us on the drive back. She and I got to catch up on all kinds of things (especially since our 8 hour trip turned into a 10.5 hour trip because of horrible traffic leaving DC). Kids were flat worn out and had good naps on the way home. We got home later than we had planned, but it was still good to be home...and with Tutu!!!


sandi said...

aww, you have such a great mom!

Alden and Dorian said...

You have the BEST mom! So happy you all could spend some time together. I loved seeing the pictures of her with you guys. :)

anthonyandbeth said...

What a FUN surprise. I love how unassuming it all was as she answered, SURE!!! I'll come to your house! :-)