Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday already?

Although we were seriously feeling a post-Killer Uno-game hangover, Friday morning still arrived! We headed out for one last family beach day - and it was a GREAT one! Since Scott was back from his trip, he took the guys out surfing...

A last minute surfing lesson

I'm going to have to suck up my pride to put these pictures on here :) But I'm just happy to prove that I was there enjoying this vacation with my family!!!
Mary is such a precious girl. A wonderful heart, such a sweet spirit. She'll turn 15 in December and is absolutely hilarious - and INCREDIBLE with the kids!!!

Mary and Caleb both totally ADORED her!!

Kristen and Chris - the "newlyweds" :)

David pulled Caleb around on the boogie board and he LOVED it! Held on tight and just grinned and laughed!

Caleb, Joseph, and Callie swimming in the "pool" that we dug!
Josiah was burying Luke...apparently he thought this was enough!
"Come on kids - we're going to take a family picture!"
The Schrodt Family
Beach Vacation 2011
After our big beach day, we went back in to the house to have a FABULOUS lunch by the Roads' and get cleaned up and rest a little bit before that evening.
We hired a photographer to come take family pictures of all of us out at the beach and our appointment time was 6:30 pm. We decided to have some fun appetizers and snacks for dinner since we knew it would be crazy trying to eat and get ready for the pictures. It worked out well!

Mom did some ironing for us :)
Joseph was so happy his daddy was back! He was showing him pictures of the week :)
My boy learned how to play pool this week!
The house had this game room upstairs - it was great! Had a flat screen with an XBox, an air hockey table and a pool table!!

The final train track - travelled between three rooms!!
A little more swimming before pictures...
The pool security gate was a great drying rack! I loved looking out and seeing it covered with all our suits and towels :)

Shoes anyone?

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