Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Empty House

Well, it's done. The movers have officially packed everything up. Katy just finished cleaning the house. She was thankful to have vacuumed the house and still get the vacuum on the truck. One less thing that we have to transport in the van! I asked her if she was feeling emotional about leaving the house. She said nope! I think she's just so tired and ready to be done with this whole process that she isn't really thinking about it. Of course we've had many fond memories in that house. I definitely am more sad about moving from that house than any other that we have lived in. But . . . we have many years ahead of us in our new house!

Tonight Katy and the kids begin sleeping over at the Judd's old house. I told her to be sure to get some books, as there won't be a TV! Perhaps this will force her to go to bed earlier and get the much needed rest!

Down here in SC I just sang at my second funeral. Haven't done a wedding yet. This Sunday we are doing a ministry fair after church and I'm hoping to get a lot of people to commit to serve in the Worship and Arts ministry.

BTW . . . I tried the BBQ and it doesn't even compare to Memphis style! But I have learned a thing or two. I knew that Texas and Memphis BBQ is ketchup based, and that North Carolina is mostly vinegar based. What I didn't know is that in SC, the BBQ is mustard based! Well, I did prefer it over the NC variety, but it's just not Memphis!

Another thing! (don't you love how I post everything in one blog instead of several different ones?) I watched the movie Taken last night. It's about this Albanian prostitution ring who kidnaps this man's daughter and he tracks them all down and unleashes a father's fury on them to get her back. Very intense and highly recommended! Especially for you fathers out there with daughters.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just filling in!

Hello all!
Katy suggested that I blog on her behalf since she is without a computer for two weeks. So, here goes nothing.

Some have probably wondered about my perspectives on this whole move. Katy has already said most of what our faith journey has been. God truly has blessed us and he has been faithful! I knew from the day we were told that the Kinetic service was cancelled that God was going to do something great. It truly was a peace that passes understanding. Sometimes we try to do too much on our own and leave God out of the picture. I think this was a time when we knew there wasn't much we could do in our own power, so we just said, "okay God, we're trusting you!" After all, his power is made perfect through our weakness.

It has been an awesome time for me getting to know the people down here at Northside Baptist, although it has been hard without Katy and the kids here. Thankfully we have just about made it to the end of our time apart. I am very thankful for an amazing wife! I am constantly in awe of how strong she is, both emotionally and spiritually. There are many times I wish I could've been there for her, but she has continued to pull through. Thanks to all who have been a big help to her. There have been times that she has stressed about asking for help (expecially with the kids), but you all have truly been a blessing to both of us!

As for the logistics, tomorrow the house gets cleaned out and everything put on the truck. On Wednesday Katy will close on our house, and Friday I close on our new house! Saturday morning the truck will start unloading and my job of getting the house in order will begin! (BTW . . . I'm always the one who wants everything in its place right away. When Katy comes a week later, I'll probably even have all of the pictures up!) I'm sure glad that bachelor life is coming to an end.

That's all for now. I'm about to run to a friend's house for Memorial Day. They are actually taking me to a "famous" BBQ restaurant. I don't know . . . IMO nothing beats Memphis BBQ!

Friday, May 22, 2009

6 months ago today...

....this journey really began for us. Probably sooner than that, but we didn't know any different. 6 months ago today, we were told that the Kinetic service was going to be cancelled. This was the worship service that David had led for 4 years. We started from nothing, and it grew to be an amazing family of a couple of hundred worshippers. Meeting every Sunday. Sitting in the same chairs each week oftentimes. Just coming together to see Worship in Action - after all, that's where the name "kinetic" came from. I remember clearly standing in the kitchen 6 months ago today when David told me the news. Not completely shocked. Not falling apart. Not stressing out about "what in the world are we going to do now?" Not angry. (Well, okay, maybe a little bit). A lot sad. And a lot at peace.

Now, at the very core of my nature, is a worrier. I do NOT have an easy time with faith. Especially when it comes to something that tangibly affects my husband or my children. Faith comes very easily to David. But not me. So when David told me the news, I should have been completely shaken and stressed out. Especially because I had also just found out that DAY that I was expecting Baby #4. Something that we had hoped would happen a few months earlier, but God had other reasons for making us wait! But I was totally overcome with peace. I remember David and I clearly stating that, although we did not understand what God was doing in this situation, He was clearly at work at something bigger than what we could understand. We said then that this was going to be a situation used for His glory. That this would not shake our faith or our family. And that above all, we would be able to look back and testify to God's goodness and faithfulness in the midst of trials.

So here we are. 6 months later TO THE DAY. And we are testifying to God's goodness and faithfulness. I have learned to trust Him with more details of my life than I ever was willing to give up before. Because I had no answers. I had NO idea how it was going to work out. No idea how bills would be paid. No idea what David would do for work. No idea how I was going to have a baby when our insurance would be ending before the due date. And yet, God clothed me in His peace.

Less than 1 month after we got the news, a church in SC started talking with David. We went down for the first interview shorthly after Christmas. We were shocked - and almost caught off guard - with how clearly we saw God directing our steps there. In March, David was offered the position as Pastor of Worship & Arts at Northside. His first Sunday leading worship was Easter Sunday. And now we are preparing to move the rest of the family there to join Him in ministry.

How good God is. If you are blog followers, then you've been on this crazy, amazing journey with me. You've heard me whine about how annoying & hard it was to keep the house clean and in "ready-to-show" condition with 3 small children at home. You've heard the exhaustion in my voice as I battled through nausea and exhaustion with this pregnancy, without David to help. And you've heard me talk about how much I miss my best friend. My partner. My supporter. My kid's daddy. And my husband. But hopefully in the midst of all of that, you've also heard me testify to God's faithfulness. That He never ONCE let me down. Never once dropped the ball. On the contrary. He has orchestrated EVERY detail of this journey - better than I could have even asked or imagined. Truly.

I think I could go on and on. Feeling a bit emotional - can you tell? :) It's probably good for your sakes that it's after midnight and I have a very full day tomorrow, or I could continue on for quite some time. I'm actually a bit relieved. Tomorrow the packers come to box everything up. I just got home from a quick, 24 hour trip to SC for an OB appointment and for David and I to sign closing papers for the 2 closings next week. But the moving process has begun! In 2 weeks, we'll all be together again. David is LOVING his new job and the people he is working with and serving. My kids and happy and healthy. I am surrounded by precious friends who have truly laid down their lives for me to take my kids in while I'm busy with movers and packers. I know it's not easy. They are busy too - and yet are taking time out to love on my kids so I can get done what I have to with the movers. And our faith is stronger. We have been on an amazing journey these last 6 months. God never ceases to amaze me. How GOOD He is. How faithful He is. How much He loves us and CARES for us - cares even about the smallest details.

So we're rejoicing over here. Hopefully this will give you a little something to chew on for the next 2 weeks while I'm offline. But know that we are celebrating God's goodness to us and are SO thankful for the work that He continues in us. I'll be back up by the first week in June once my computer is plugged in at the new house!!! I love you guys - thanks for walking alongside of me in this journey!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

you know that feeling...

....where you have so much to do and so many things spinning in your head that you sort of end up just wandering around in circles? not sure of even what to begin with? that's sort of where i'm at...

Monday, May 18, 2009

The UP side to moving...

....is that it forces you to clean out and get organized! I'm a somewhat organized person, but still have my "areas" that aren't so much. Well, moving has a way of forcing you to deal with it...because I refuse to just MOVE piles of junk from one house to another. It probably also helps that I'm 7 months pregnant - maybe the "nesting" instinct is combining with moving, because I took 4 bags of stuff to goodwill today - and had just put out a bag last week when they came to pick up!! It's such a good feeling!

I just finished going through all the stuff on my desk, and clearing out some of my files. You know, pulling paperwork for appliances that are staying here to leave for the new owners, etc. I've even already gotten mail for them to put aside! I found a pile of pictures from 2007 that I had printed out but not put in albums yet that I just got all organized to try and get that done once we've moved out and are in our "temporary living assignment" before we head to SC. So things are happening! The pictures were hilarious - Callie was a brand new baby - just a few months old. Jacob LOOKED like such a baby to me - he was only 2 - the same age that Callie is now!! It was so funny to see how young the kids were. And how FAT I was! Goodness gracious!

Tomorrow's my last day to finish packing things up before my quick trip to SC for my doctor's appointment. My neighbors gave me a going-away party tonight that was really sweet. We were so thrilled when we moved onto this court to see all the families and great kids that we were surrounded by. I'll have to get the pictures that they took tonight - it was really fun. So things are happening around here! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everyone Brace Yourselves!!!

Just a little warning for those of you that have blog-addictions: The packers are coming on Friday. What this means for all of you is one simple thing....Thursday night (May 21) will be my last post until June when we are settled in the new house! ARGH!! I know, I hear all of you screaming right now. Frankly, I'm quite sad to be without my computer for the last couple weeks that we are here. It will be like going back to the dark ages!! But they'll pack it up and I'll have to be patient....which means you will too! So enjoy the posts while you can! :) (And don't do anything too terribly exciting in the next two weeks...because I won't get to read about it!!!)

29.5 weeks

My foot was definitely much better today. I can see where it's a bit swollen, but the pain is SO much better today. I'm limping around, but at least can put some amount of weight on it. I think it's just a bad sprain - I don't think I broke anything. I decided to go ahead and take the kids to church. After all, I had a better chance of sitting there than I would at home! :) Besides, we only have one more Sunday at Shores before we move, and I hated the idea of missing today because of my foot! So off we went. I drove the van after service to get to my small group, because I knew I shouldn't walk between the two buildings, and that helped. I'm going to make it....or at least will myself to make it! :)

Here's my picture from this morning. If you look carefully, you can see the bandaid on my knee! :) I didn't think I looked this BIG this morning, but I guess pictures don't lie. I'll be 30 weeks along this week - hard to believe. The running is over (too hard, uncomfortable, and too many contractions!), but it still feels good to do weights and elliptical stuff at the gym. Definitely feeling tired, but I think most of that is due to being a single parent these days. Have had some leg cramps during the night over the last couple of weeks too. We're doing good though. Baby is at that "alien movement" stage - where you can see my stomach moving in all kinds of crazy directions at any given moment. Cracks me up. I LOVE that part!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Down She Goes

Remember how I said that when David came home, everything was rosy again and things came back to life? Well, the opposite is true too! He left, and everything fell apart! The heavens opened up and it became this afternoon of rain, rain, and more rain - with some thunderstorms thrown in. Yuck.

We had a birthday party later that afternoon, so we had to stop at Target to pick up a gift before heading there. (Of course I had planned to do that earlier, but dropped ALL plans when David arrived!) So the kids and I are walking through the parking lot of Target...in the rain...and in my flip flops. Anyone care to take a guess what happens next? Yep, you guessed it. Pregnant woman, carrying baby, goes down. Good grief. i would have really loved to just start crying and go back home. But I pulled it together, got the gift, and drove to the party. I discovered, once I was back in the van, that I had scraped up my left knee, and ripped a hole in my capris And my right foot felt messed up somehow. Other than that, we were okay. Callie never touched the ground. The boys were oblivious (as was apparently everyone else in the parking lot because no one rushed to my rescue!)

I was fine for the first hour of the party. Limping slightly, but okay. Then I found a recliner to sit in, and when I stood back up an hour later, I couldn't put any weight on my foot. It was killing me! They had to help me out to my car with the kids. It only got worse. I got everyone home and Callie in bed, and then laid down on the couch to put my foot up with ice. I finally called David in tears at about 8:30 pm. It hurt so bad, and I couldn't walk on it at all. Just imagine what it looks like to see a 7 month pregnant woman HOPPING around her house on one leg. It's rough! I was really starting to panic. He gave the boys a real talking to on the phone about how they were going to have to help me and get themselves in their jammies and in bed. They were very sweet about it too. I kept it elevated and iced all night long, and then went to bed praying that it would feel better in the morning. We have movers coming this weekend - I don't have time for this stuff!!

The LAST goodbye...

We headed out to the bay on Saturday morning to try and get one last family beach day in. We had about an hour before the rain chased us away unfortunately! We came back home and got cleaned up and had a little bit of time before David had to load his car up and head back to SC. He had band practice for an Upward awards banquet coming up, so he had to be on the road by noon time. He and Josiah had time to play one last Star Wars board game though! :)

It's never fun saying goodbye. Never easy. Ever. But at least it was a little less painful knowing that this was the last time the kids would have to handle it. They know that the next time they see David, it will be for kindergarten graduation and then we'll all be driving down to SC together. That helps!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The MOST helpful day!

Friday morning, Josiah came into my room to say good morning and was QUITE surprised to see David there!!! He ran over and gave him the LONGEST hug I've ever seen him give! I think he was quite overwhelmed emotionally. He's just like me in that way....more introspective with his emotions, but when it's at it's limit, you know it! He was teary, and just SO glad to see David there! Jacob woke up a bit later and didn't leave David's lap for quite some time. When David heard Callie starting to stir, he went straight in to get her. She just stared at his face and pointed at him, saying "Daddy! Daddy!" It was very precious.

We had eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then it was time to get ready to take Josiah to school. For the first time ALL YEAR, he said he didn't want to go to school. Poor thing - he just didn't want to leave David's side! This spoke volumes, because Friday is his FAVORITE day of school - it's show & tell AND Art day. I reassured him that we'd all come pick him up and that he and David would get to do some special things together while the little ones were napping.
After we got back from taking Josiah to school, David started his work!! He told me he'd mow and edge the yard (since closing is next week, it was the LAST time we had to do it!!!), so I just sat in a chair with Callie and watched!!! It made me SO happy!!

He did a MUCH better job than I did (for sure!) And Jacob was sure to tell him that "Mommy doesn't do a very good job mowing the lawn. It takes her a long time to start it, and me and Josiah always laugh." Hilarious -and true!!!
Callie sat in my lap and watched. She's not a fan of the loudness of the "nonny" - as she calls lawnmowers.

Jacob helped Daddy cut the grass (literally - do you see the scissors in his hands?)....

...and caught some bugs...

This is unbelievable. A few weeks ago, I noticed a birds nest being formed in the back of our house. Well, this past Sunday, I was out back and noticed 4 birds in the nest - but they were all dead. Seriously. Just laughing there - heads sort of hanging out of the nest. It totally grossed me out - and creeped me out. I looked again the next day and the next, and the birds were in exactly the same position. I didn't know what to do with it - figured I'd leave it for the new homeowners to figure out. I certainly wasn't going to touch it! So Friday morning, David's getting out the lawn stuff and I say "Perfect - you can deal with the nest with dead birds in it!" He goes around back and says "what are you talking about? they're alive?" Sure enough - all 4 birds looking around, chirping away, waiting for their mom to bring breakfast! it was unbelievable! David comes home and things come back to life!!! By the time I got my camera out here, 3 of the birds had flown away. This was the last little guy, and it took him another half a day to get up his courage to try and fly!

After he got the yard finished, David cleaned out the shed. He made a pile for the new owner with all the stuff we're leaving him (extra flooring, paint, etc), threw out some stuff, and then filled a couple boxes with stuff the movers won't take (paint thinner, spray paint, gas cans). I didn't think it was a good idea for me to have that stuff in my car where I could inhale those lovely fumes for the next 3 weeks!
After picking up Josiah from school, David spent the afternoon unloading our attic! Movers aren't allowed to go up into attics unless they have a permanent staircase to climb up (we just have those pull-down stairs). I was going to have to try and beg for help from our small group since I certainly couldn't bring all that stuff down! So David was able to do all that for me - what a relief! Our dining room and living room is now filled with all that stuff, but at least it's all down!!! I was able to go through and get rid of some stuff & fill some bags for goodwill, which felt very good!

Jacob & Callie especially loved seeing all the old baby toys again!!!

We went to dinner that night at Olive Garden to celebrate Daddy being home with us. Callie LOVED the salad - go figure! I've never had a 2 year old actually ASK for salad - shoot - my 4 & 6 year olds won't even eat it. But Callie and I loved it! :) (And notice she's in my lap? Poor girl - has been a total cling-on since David left. She's going to have to go through "mommy detox" once we get settled again!

Do these boys look happy or what?

Here's Callie in a lap again! At least it was David's this time - I got to actually eat part of my meal uninterrupted by children!!!

The happy family - all together again!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So Thursday had been a rough day. I can't even totally remember exactly why, but I just know that it was awfully long, I was awfully tired, awfully stressed trying to make arrangements for my kids over the next week, etc, etc. The kids were having a rough time too. Josiah said on the way home from school "Mom, I want to go see Daddy. He's been gone for so long." Poor guy. I feel his pain! Anyways, I had decided to go to bed early because I was totally exhausted. I heard my cell phone ring at around 8:45 pm, but I was back in my bedroom. It rang a bit later and I heard that it was David's ring, but I was already about done for the night. Then, around 9 pm, there was a knock at my door. Well, there's certainly NO way I'm going to answer the door that time of night when I'm home alone with my kids. It was pitch black outside, porch light off, no way! A few minutes later they knocked again, so I got up to look out the window and see if I recognized someone's car. As I'm looking outside, I think to myself "that sure does look like David's car out there. Who do I know that drives a car like David?" The next thing I know, I hear a key turning and the doorknob opening! I about have a heart attack, but was MUCH relieved to see DAVID coming through the door! I told him it's a good thing I don't have a gun - I probably would have shot him!! I sort of fell into his arms - I was just so relieved to have him home. It's the best word I can think of.

He tried to wake the kids up, but they were all in la la land of course, so we sat down on the couch and just talked. It felt so good. I've missed being able to do that over the last 2 months. Even when we go to visit, we're in a hotel room where kids are sleeping or something. He rubbed my very tired feet and let me just talk his ear off. A little while later, Jacob woke up to go potty, so David was able to say hi to him. He was VERY excited to see the other two kids in the morning and see how they reacted!

These are the flowers David sent me for mother's day - he got to see them at their height of beauty - they've almost all bloomed now and are gorgeous!

Daddy's Home!

David surprised me tonight and came home!! I can't tell you how MUCH I needed that tonight! He'll go back to SC on Saturday night, so I'll talk to everyone then! :) Thank you LORD!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The sacrifice was worth it!

I've been wanting to go strawberry picking again to get some more berries for us for the next few weeks. After all, when we went in SC, David got to keep most of them since I could transport them all back with him (lucky duck!) So I was ready for some more fresh ones, and I just REFUSE to buy them in the store during May when I can pick them and get fresher ones for cheaper! Anyways, so we went this afternoon after Jack went home. We started on one row and noticed that the row NEXT to us had LOTS and LOTS of beautiful berries. So we decided to switch rows. Then we found out why no one had picked that row - the first 10 feet of it was totally MUD!!! I decided I couldn't pass it up and tried to sludge through it. Holding Callie of course. Just about totally wiped out and fell on my rear end, but somehow caught myself. But my feet were total casualties. The things you do for berries! :)

2 kids are in bed, and 1 more to go. Then I'm making me some Bisquick shortcakes to have for dessert with my strawberries and watch me some Idol (go Danny and Kris!!!)

A VERY well-spent $3

Tombstone Extra Cheese pizza. YUM-O! I had gotten a couple frozen pizzas last week for $3 when they were on sale. Figured they were a good idea for these last crazy days. I made one for lunch today for all the kids and I (we had Jack today too), and it was a big hit. It tasted soooo good to me - seriously. I think I probably could have eaten the whole thing!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

"That's My Brother!"

I think I've mentioned on here before that this baby is the MOST active one yet - of all my pregnancies. I started feeling him move at 16 weeks along - and I mean REALLY move. Not just little flutters! And it's only intensified since then. Jacob really gets a kick out of this. Tonight he really felt him move and kick against his hand on my belly -and he could SEE my stomach moving around. Jacob kept saying "That's my brother!" Josiah didn't have any interest in feeling it - I think he was sort of creeped out by the whole thing. Cracks me up.

He Broke the Rules

David sent me these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day. He totally shouldn't have. We've never been big "flower-sending" people. I'm far too practical for it. But I'm SO glad he did. It meant so much to me - was a total surprise. After all, we're less than 3 weeks away from closing, which means we're all in penny-pinching mode until then. He broke the rules - and I'm so glad he did! :)
The flowers next to them are the ones Josiah made me at school. They decorated a water bottle with tissue paper and then put flowers inside - I love them!!! Such sweet men in my life! :)

A Full Day

So after Callie had a nap this afternoon, we threw on our suits and headed up to the pool. The Y around the corner from us opened their pool up this weekend, so we headed out to cool off. We also discovered the one tick that came home with us from our hiking adventure this morning! :) It felt great to cool off and get in the water for a bit. We were able to enjoy the first watermelon of the season (I say "we", but Callie wouldn't touch it, and I don't like it...) and then cookies for dessert that the boys and I had made this afternoon. It was a full day of fun for sure.

I very much enjoyed the kids today. We had a great day together outside for most of it, and although it was tiring, everyone got along very well (a PLUS after yesterday!) I was thinking to myself how alot of years on Mother's Day, David will take the kids and do more of the "work" so that I can get a break. This year is obviously quite the opposite - I'm on my own this year. But it's been sort of nice to have the kids all to myself today too. And focus on how blessed I am that God has given me these three, unique, VERY different children to mother. I am so thankful for them. Thankful for all that He is teaching me through them. They are precious.

Anyone like any cookie with their sprinkles?

Callie...in character

I swear this wasn't even posed!! She walks around the house with Josiah's mask on like this all the time. It's the Kit Fisto (Star Wars) mask he made from the Chick-fil-A night. She goes and finds it and puts it on, then slides it up on her head when she needs her face for something (like eating applesauce). I went to grab my camera, and she struck a pose in full Star Wars character - even stuck her spoon out like a light sabre! Poor girl has been ruined for sure!

Snakes, Turtles, and Frogs - Oh My!

We just got home from spending the morning (and part of the afternoon, I guess) hiking at a state park about 30 minutes away. We had a GREAT time. We had talked about going to the beach, but it was cloudy and I didn't know if the sand would be all wet from the torrential downpours we've had all week. So we decided to go hiking instead. The boys always love it, and there was one really LONG trail that we'd never done before, so that was our mission.

I was right - the boys DID love it as always. They loved watching for the markings all along the trail to make sure we were still ON the trail. They loved finding their way around the puddles and swampy areas. They loved all the little critters and creatures along the way (well, Jacob loved this part more than Josiah did). Not more than 3 minutes into our hike, a snake slithered right across the path. YUCK!!! We also saw lizards, frogs, a deer run across the path (!), and a baby turtle - this was the favorite. Jacob REALLY wanted to bring him home (probably a good thing David wasn't with us - he probably would have let him!) Callie loved the turtle. The rest of it - she was totally freaked out! She was totally scared of walking in the woods the whole time - I had to carry her, and she was CLINGING to me! It was funny (and AWFULLY hard at the same time). We finally made it to the end and came out to the lake where we had our picnic lunch. We took a short, direct path back to the front of the park and called it a day.

I think the boys talked nonstop. And I do mean nonstop. I love hearing their conversations. Josiah asked lots of questions about toxic waste and quicksand....don't know why. Their other main conversation was all about God and different abilities that He has, what heaven will be like, how God made so many different things, different stories in the Bible. I loved it.

I know it will be an early bedtime tonight. Callie is napping, and then I've got to check for ticks! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

taking a breather....

Callie's in bed, and the boys are still in the bathtub. They are about to go off to bed, but I had to take a breather and have a minute of quiet to myself. Trying to get up the strength to go PUT them in bed. Been a LONG day. And LOUD. Had to get off the phone twice to spank people. Took the kids to a birthday party tonight (didn't have to cook dinner!). Plum tired. Needed 1 minute of quiet. Okay, I think I can handle it now.

It's Really Happening

I spent most of my morning today calling the utility people, the cable people, the water people, the newspaper people, etc - setting up a termination date or disconnection date - for our service to be turned off. Crazy! It's really happening! The saddest was giving the YMCA our 30 day notice. I'm REALLY going to miss that place!

David spent most of HIS morning at the new house with a bunch of inspection people - the home inspector, the termite inspector, the heating & air inspector - and writing lots of big checks! :) All good reports from everyone - hooray! Then he went and toured one of the schools and was going to look at another one this afternoon. Things are happening!

The packers come 2 weeks from today. Yikes! I don't think I'm ready! The reality of it coming so soon is definitely hitting me. I have to drive down for a quick day trip to SC the day before the packers come - one last doctor's appt before I move down there. So I feel like I'm really running out of days. I've gone through all the bathroom cabinets and closets to throw out what can be tossed. I'm trying to get my head straight with the dates/times that I'll need to arrange help with the kids. My head is just spinning!! And I haven't even begun to process how much I'm going to miss all my dear friends here. (Which is probably good for now or else I'd be a total basketcase!!!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Favorite Part of the Day

Katy to Josiah: "Josiah, what was your favorite part of school today?"

Usually (and I'm serious - almost every day - the answer is "the papers that we got to do". Sometimes, the answer is whatever the "special" of the day was - outdoor garden, computer, music, PE, etc. Today, the answer pleasantly surprised me!

Josiah replies: "Praying in the sanctuary was my favorite part today."

Today was the National Day of Prayer and they had a special time of prayer together. I LOVE this school!!!!

Dinner Tonight

The kids all had chili tonight for dinner. I say "kids" because I didn't eat any. Just didn't sound good to me. Blame it on the pregnancy. I had it in the crockpot this afternoon so it was ready when we came home from swimming lessons, but it just wasn't exciting me. So I had a banana and probably 10 mini corn muffins that I had made to go with it. That's all that sounded good. I don't usually have "cravings" - like wanting pickles, or buckets of ice cream or french fries - when I'm pregnant. But things definitely either sound good or definitely do NOT sound good. Tonight, the chili just didn't sound good. I'm also having a harder time with leftovers. Even if I love it for dinner, the next day I just can't always do it. I think because I still battle the nausea throughout my pregnancy, maybe it's something about the smells. Oh well.

Laundry Detergent Recipe

A few of you have asked about the "recipe" that I've been using for my homemade laundry detergent. I got it from my friend Courtney. Since she has 4 kids too, I knew I could trust her that it really did clean clothes! :) I've been using it for the last 6 months and it works great. It is SO much cheaper than even the cheaper brands, with coupons, from wholesale clubs! Very simple:

1 cup of Borax
1 cup of Washing Soda (Arm & Hammer makes it, but it's not BAKING soda)
1 bar of Ivory Soap, grated up

You use 2 tbsp. per load. The only tricky thing was finding the washing soda. My Wal-mart and Target didn't carry it, but the grocery store did. It and the Borax is with all the other laundry stuff in the aisle, and they're less than $3 a box. I usually triple the recipe and keep it in a big tupperware container. Happy washing!


Just bought a new box of dryer sheets. had been out for a couple of weeks. They smell SOOO good. Just generic, but they are lavender scented and aaahhhh....I've been making my own laundry detergent for the last several months now, so I've been missing having "scented" clothes (I know, it's probably better for us not having all those chemicals and toxins on our clothes, right?) Anyways, my laundry room and office smells GREAT right now! :)

rain, rain, go away...

So it's been thunderstorms and rain all week long. Literally. And it's supposed to continue until Monday I think. Hasn't been terrible....except for this morning. We went straight to Walmart after dropping Josiah off. I just couldn't put off grocery shopping any longer. We're in "eating everything up" mode around here - trying to empty out my fridge, freezer, and pantry. But it was time for a few fresh things.

So we head into the store - all 3.5 of us - and the kids do unbelievably great shopping. Callie really hates riding in the shopping cart and much prefers to walk. Sometimes she gets to, sometimes she doesn't. Because it was so early and not crowded, she was allowed to walk. (After all, in 3 months, there will be a NEW baby sitting in the cart, so she better get used to it). Anyways, she was perfect - just walked around and showed everyone her marshmallows she was holding.

Then it all goes south. We finish paying for everything and it is a DOWNPOUR outside. Good grief. The kids both had a little umbrella, but I of course had nothing. So out we walk, trying to hold on to both of them, getting totally drenched. Put SOAKING wet groceries into my van, get DRENCHED in the process. Sigh.

Then we come home to unload them...in the pouring rain. Makes me VERY excited about my new garage waiting for me in SC. But on the upside of things, I didn't fall. I can't tell you how many times while pregnant (or while carrying a new baby) I have slipped and fallen in the rain while wearing flip flops. So I made it out alive. Now I get to put wet food away. Yippee!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer 'Dos!

You know it's almost summer when Jacob's hair disappears! Tonight was haircut night, so the summer hairdos were done! It's so much easier when it gets hot to have their hair short - frankly, I'm ready to chop mine off again. Josiah's is always kept short, but I do like Jacob's longer too - just not in the summer time. It takes much more time to cut when it's kept long, and tonight I didn't have the time, energy, or patience for it! They love it - and I do too! So I guess it's almost officially summer! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC Chicken

Click on the link below for a coupon for free KFC chicken! It's a coupon for a 2 pc. grilled chicken meal which includes 2 individual sides and a biscuit!!! Print one for everyone in the family! :) You have to download it before midnight tomorrow (May 6), but the coupon is good until May 19. Thanks Beth!!! :)



My mom just landed in Florida to see Baby Joseph (and Kelli and Scott too). I'm SO jealous. Mom's going to stay the week and will even be there for Kelli's first mother's day on Sunday - how fun is that!!!!

An Extra Schrodt for the Day!

We borrowed an extra boy for the day!! My friend Jessica just had her 2nd baby last week, so I told her I'd take her 3 year old for the day today. I know from experience how much of a help that is, so we were HAPPY to do it! (I can remember David going ON and ON about when Natalie took our boys for a day after we had had Callie. He thought it was the BEST - and I agree. )

Cody was probably pretty overwhelmed by the sheer volume of our family, but we had a good time. He got to come along with us to storytime at the library this morning, and then after we picked up Josiah from school we headed to Chuck E. Cheese!!! (The appraiser came today at noon to do the appraisal...what is it with these people ONLY wanting to schedule these things at NAPTIME!) I had been saving some coupons for Chuck E. Cheese to use at some point on a rainy day while David was gone...so today was the perfect opportunity.

It actually was probably our best experience. There were only a couple of other families there, and they only had toddlers too (because everyone else is still in school at noontime!) So we played and ate our pizza before heading home for naptime. It was a fun day!

Callie and Cody were hilarious on these race car games. They both LOVED it, but neither could even reach the pedals!

I caught these cheaters! Sitting up ON the game to get a closer shot at the baskets! Smart boys aren't they?
They were riding this little "roller coaster" game. they all loved it!

The roller coaster thing again...Josiah was being dramatic and pretending it was real :)

Yes, that's my kid at the top of the climbing tunnels thing. With her hands and face pressed against the glass, and I think her tongue is even out. Disgusting I know.

Another reason I miss David...

...is for someone to appreciate dinner!

One more checkmark...

Appraisal on our house here in VA was today and went well! One more thing checked off the list!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chairs and Checkers!

Josiah requested that we have dinner at Cracker Barrel on Saturday night, so that's where we headed. I certainly wasn't going to argue with affordable home-cooking after all!! I later realized that the reason he wanted it was for the peg game at the table and checkers - which is his new game that he's learned.
I think she's a Paula Deen in the making. She kept grabbing the little butter packets that come for the rolls and sucking on them until they'd bust open and she'd get a mouthful of butter. Seriously!!! I let her do it twice and then had to put a stop to it! :)
After dinner, the boys wanted to play checkers, so Callie and I went outside to rock. And that's what we all did for the next hour. It was fabulous!

I sat in a rocker, and Callie walked up and down the porch, just trying out all the rocking chairs. It was probably the most relaxing part of the weekend! :)

After the boys FINALLY came out, they saw another checkers table and had to play just ONE more game outside!

Boys need to run!

These weekend trips to visit David are SO needed...by all of us. We look forward to them and count every sleep leading up to them. But I won't lie. They are hard. Mainly because we are all so desperate for as much time with him as we can possibly get, and yet kids still have to sleep! So we get off our normal schedules, which totally messes up the kids, which in turn is extra exhausting on the parents. Plus, it's not as if we haven't had anything else on our agendas during these trips....like OB visits and buying a house!!! Hotels are fun, except when there's 5 of you all staying together in one room! So by Saturday morning, we just needed to relax and let the kids run a little bit without much else of an agenda.

The last visit we made, we bought a family pass to the zoo/botanical gardens, so we decided to head back there on Saturday morning. We started out on the garden side this time, and ran around and explored some of the hiking trails first. It was JUST what we all needed. Then we popped over to the zoo side just to see a few animals before heading back to the hotel for naps. It was nice knowing that we didn't have to push to see EVERYTHING....it made for a much more relaxing time for all of us!

Callie looked a little concerned that they had climbed up on that big rock they were standing on!
These boys and their poses! I don't know what to do with them!

They've even got Callie into it. I think this is her "star wars" face they've taught her...

One of their favorite things is riding the "train" (really an expanded golf cart thing) from the zoo side to the garden side. They just love it! And I love that it's free and we don't have to WALK all the way back to the parking lot!