Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girls' Camera vs. Boys' Camera

So Thursday morning was a special morning to celebrate Kelli & Kristen's birthdays together with just the sisters & Mom and Mary. We planned to go to breakfast and get our toes done - and we left all the kids in very capable hands with the dads/uncles. These pictures are in chronological order of how they were taken - I think you'll be able to tell which ones were taken by the boys' camera and which ones the girls took! :) We had two very different mornings!
Joseph and Callie snuggling while watching Little Einsteins :)
Kim got Kristen some REALLY cute pink running shorts...
...and some for Kelli too!
We ate at this little bagel place (Kristen found it on her iphone - got great reviews and so we tried it). It was yummy! I ordered the "Not Too Hungry Breakfast" - it came with one egg, one pancake, one piece of bacon, and one bagel. THIS was the size of the ONE pancake!!
There was also a "VERY Hungry Breakfast" on the menu - I'd be afraid to see what came with that!
Here's all the girls! :)
...and here's the boys!
In the pool again -what a surprise! :)

Looks like Caleb and Joseph totally have Uncle Chris cornered!

Kristen, Kim & Mary showing off their color choices
Kelli was trying to convince Mom to get the airbrush of a treble clef on her toes! :)
Seriously - these two were totally outnumbering Uncle Chris!

These chair massages are so cool....if you can figure out the remote!
Here's our color choices!

Sleepy anyone?
6 lovely ladies! Can you guess whose feet belong to who???
THIS is what I walked in the door and saw. Poor Uncle Chris!
Callie and Matthew playing with her princess diving sticks. The princess were "sleeping" on the remote controls - those were the beds of course!
Callie and Matthew were so cute together. Callie is 3 months older than him and they had a GREAT time together. She LOVES being the boss, and he loves following a leader - so they were a match made in heaven! :)
A little more rockin' out!

More games of course!

Having "school" outside by the pool - that's pretty nice, right?
Kim, reading her new Laura Bush autobiography, and Mom, reading her new Rachel Ray magazine! :)
A GREAT game of pictionary. I LOVED having Josiah on my team - he is a GREAT artist!!
Callie playing school with Joseph - and tracing his hand :)
A little Wii Sports Resort tournament...

Uncle David was flat worn out!

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