Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caleb & I are GREAT!

The others, not so much. This is how 3 of my 4 kids looked this morning:
This was Jacob at 9:30 AM. He said his head was hurting and so I gave him some ibuprofen and he went back to sleep for an hour. (He says his head feels better now...)
Josiah was "off" on Sunday afternoon and complained of his ear hurting. Woke up during the night with ear pain and so we went to the pediatrician on Monday at noon (AWFUL time for a drs. appt. but had to take it.). Sure enough, he has an ear infection & swimmer's ear.
Had pediatrician check Callie's ears too bc she had complained about it twice during vacation but hers were all clear. Giving her rubbing alcohol/vinegar in the ear just to make sure any water in there dries up. She still complains about it off and on, but I think some of that is the drama in her that wants to be like Josiah.

David went to his doctor yesterday after suffering through most of Monday and Monday night with ear pain. He has an ear infection too (his first one as a grown up!). So we've been laying low so far this week (which has helped me get all my vacation blogging done!!!).

One comedic note: yesterday afternoon the kids were all watching Arthur on TV while I was finishing up some blogging and Caleb was just annoying the older 3. Climbing on them, getting in their way, etc. Callie all of a sudden said "That's It! No more babies in our house! I am never going to have a baby in my tummy. No boy babies ever!" It was pretty funny! :)

We did get the kids' dentist appointments over with on Monday, and made it to the library yesterday to get new books (and for the kids to turn in their completed reading challenge logs - hooray!) so that's good. Needing desperately to get to the grocery store today but these sick kids have thwarted my plans for now. We'll see how we are after naptime (not a favorite time of mine to head to the store...) I had to ask David to grab two gallons of milk and some toilet paper on Sunday night when he was coming home from a meeting at church- we were totally out of both! :)

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sandi said...

at least no one got seriously sick while actually on vacation! i guess the positive would be that you can catch up on all the house stuff (laundry etc) without children complaining about wanting to go somewhere.

right now meredith does not want any children because she doesn't want to do laundry for everybody!