Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maxfield Family Church Service

The bros-in-law (and John) got up early to go surfing with Scott. Sadly, they came back with no success - waves weren't cooperating for surf. :( Good attempt!
The kids were happy to wake up in the morning to each other! (This was the room that David and I slept in...sadly Kelli/Scott & David/I didn't get "real" bedrooms - but everything else about this house was so fabulous that we decided it was worth it. Still a good decision, but next year we are ALL going to be in bedrooms!)
Callie & Matthew started the morning off with some Lucky Charms! :) A vacation favorite in our family!
Mom played a little Hi Ho Cherry-O with Callie and Matthew (Matthew didn't last long on this game...he made an appearance at the beginning and then was off! :) )
The girls and I were chatting...preparing breakfast...mostly chatting :)
We had declared that this was the ONE breakfast that we would ALL eat together. The rest of the week, only dinners were "required attendance" all together. Breakfast and lunch would be on your own (although most of the time we were all together). We wanted it to be relaxing and not to feel any pressure to get up any earlier than you wanted (except for us parents who have kids up at the crack of dawn!!) We decided on a big breakfast today since it was our first morning all together and we were going to do a Family Church service. I made what seemed like a gazillion pancakes, although we ate every last one. Went through 30 eggs in a blink of an eye. Bacon, fruit - it was delish!
These boys went straight to the train tracks once they were up!
On to the next game - Go Fish!! :)
Then it was time for church!! Callie and I sang a few of her preschool songs from VBS with the motions to teach Caleb, Matthew, and Joseph. Very fun! Then David got up and led us all in a few worship songs - "Our God", "Our God is an Awesome God", and "How Great is our God" into "How Great Thou Art". It was such a sweet time of worship. Three generations together. Some in jammies. Some in bathing suits. But all worshipping the Lord together! I loved it! (And yes, David is holding his phone for the lyrics!!!)
The congregation :)
The back-row Baptists :)
Then my brother-in-law David got up for our "sermon". He is a pastor in Tampa and is totally hilarious - EXTREMELY dramatic and energetic as you'll see from these pictures. He asked for some volunteers from the congregation to help tell the story of Zaccheus...
Jacob was chosen to be Zaccheus...
Getting an idea for how dramatic David is?
Jacob was TOTALLY loving it - and laughing SOO hard that he was crying!!! :)

Jacob's face shows it ALL - I was dying laughing just watching him LOVING this!
Then he climbed up into a sycamore tree (or leather couch...)
Luke and John were some of the "crowd" and some of the people that Zaccheus (the tax collector) took money from. Josiah was Jesus saying "Come down!"
And then after David made his point about how Jesus met Zaccheus' emotional and physical needs before his spiritual needs, we closed the service by singing "Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man" with Matthew leading the motions :) It was great!

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