Sunday, July 17, 2011

The best "neighborhood" pool EVER!!

After church, we decided we wanted to venture down the road to the neighborhood pool and check it out.
John rode with us and helped walk Callie and Caleb in. He has SUCH a sweet heart and is SO good with the little ones! They LOVED him!
There was a lazy river!!!
This picture is of Josiah swimming AGAINST the current in the Lazy River to prove how strong he is! :) (oh and see my feet? When I got my pedicure on CFA free food day, I had them do a french on my toes - never tried it before because my toes are so short and stubby - but I loved it!!! Made them look not quite so short and stubby I thought!)
Uncle Scott was taking Caleb around for a bit (still can't find floaties that actually fit on his arms since he's so little. He LOVES to swim and can do it on his own or with floaties, but they practically go all the way to his wrist!)
Kelli & Joseph, Mary, and Mom enjoying the Lazy River. Who DOESN'T love the Lazy River!
Caleb riding on Uncle Scott's back :)
And there's Callie!
Tutu and Caleb
There's Luke inside the 4 tubes :)

This place also had a huge waterslide and several different pools including a kids pool with a few waterfalls, an "adults only" pool (where no toys or swim diapers or inflatables were allowed), a hot tub, and a pool that had a sand beachfront with it! How cool is that!

(Later in the week, we learned that this wasn't ACTUALLY our neighborhood pool. It was the pool for the timeshare property right NEXT to us. But the people that worked there let us in so we got to enjoy it! :)
David, David, and Chris were engaged in a deep theological conversation in no time after lunch!
Flat worn out! :)

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