Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Messy Night

On Thursday morning, we left bright and early (well, actually it wasn't bright yet. It was 4 am and dark) to head to Virginia! We were going to be able to see my Mom for a quick visit, but the real purpose of the trip was to be able to welcome back my precious friend Courtney are her family as they brought home 2 new boys from Rwanda to join their family! More about that later!

We got to Mom's house a little bit after noon and were SO excited to be back to Tutu's house! It always is too long between visits, and they are never long enough! :) Our dinner that night was incredibly delicious...and messy! Ribs, BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and watermelon! Finger lickin' good!

Callie pretty much never leaves my Mom's side when we see her. She ADORES her Tutu! She was Mom's sous chef as they prepared the corn for dinner.
A quick visit to the playground while Caleb and Daddy took a little nap...
It was the first time my kids had ever had ribs - a big success with 3 of them (Jacob is still pretty much anti meat of any kind. I make him eat it, hoping he'll outgrow it, but not yet.)

It's always such a huge sigh of relief when I walk into my Mom's house. I know she understands me and my family. I LOVE that she knows my kids almost as well as I do. I know that she loves us - even in spite of the disobedience and ugly attitudes that were displayed during the day. And I'm SO thankful that she's not TOO far away so that we can pop in and visit!!!

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