Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 3rd of July!

Our favorite 4th of July fireworks display is right down the street from our house! We headed out that afternoon for the fun!

After getting in late Saturday afternoon and a full day of church in the morning, a couple of my kids were in full-blown melt-down mode. Callie and Caleb had good naps that afternoon, but my older boys decided they just needed to "rest" in their rooms instead of "sleep" like I encouraged them to do. And so, my oldest was a total mess by that night. He does NOT do well when he gets like this. It was one of those "I'm about to leave you at home and you're going to miss out on all the fun if you can not pull yourself together" moments. Sigh. They always seem to act like this when you are TRYING to do something fun for THEM!

Caleb was trying to get Josiah to stop crying too...
Lovely picture, right? :)
We headed down the street to Calvary Chapel for their evening of fun! They do a free dinner with a fabulous fireworks display afterwards! They also put out a huge plastic tarp on their hill and turn it into a giant slip and slide!! How cool is that!

Callie and Jacob were ALL about it!
Caleb loved it too - until a few older kids about knocked him flat out in a collision.
I'm thinking she was doing the shake your booty dance or something! She gets all that from her father!
Enjoying some supper on the blanket.
My friend Donna joined us. We saw several friends from church there, which is always fun.
Caleb enjoyed playing ball with his brother while we waited for it to get dark enough for the fireworks show.

I thought Callie was going to fall asleep before the fireworks started. She was getting very sleepy! She made it though and we LOVED watching the fireworks again this year. This church does a GREAT job at putting this evening together for the community! It's a FABULOUS fireworks show, and we can get home about 5 minutes after it's done! No sitting in traffic for hours or anything - we love it!!


Judy said... slip n' slide!!! What a fun night. So glad your mom got to be there!!

sandi said...

what is it with these boys and their "attitudes" sometimes. i think they are going to be just as bad as girls in a few years!

anthonyandbeth said...

Love that your mom could be there! I remember how much fun you had there last year! So awesome that they put that on!