Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Bowling!

Friday morning, preparations were underway for Caleb's birthday party! I had some help in the kitchen making the cupcakes!! :)
Then after naptime, we decided to head out and go bowling! I had a groupon that I had bought several months ago and we still had it on our list to go bowling - so today was the day!
It was a rainy Friday afternoon and there were really only a few other people there at the bowling alley - it was great!! Caleb LOVED it - really thought he was hot stuff getting to do it by himself!
Callie OF COURSE did not want ANY help!

A little smile out of Josiah - he's a little bit of a perfectionist, and certain settings bring it out more than others. This particular day, we saw a bit of this and with the addition of the fact that he was tired and probably needed a nap himself made for a little bit of frustration on his part! We're working on it!
Everyone's happier after a snack!
Little bit frustrated, but trying not to let it show...

This was Caleb's first time - he loved it. Although after he'd let the ball go, he'd sit himself down on the floor to watch - it was a riot. We had a fun time watching him enjoy this - hard to believe that he is about to be 2!!!

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