Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night - An Italian Feast & A LONG Walk

Each family was responsible for dinner one night during the week. Kim did pizza on Saturday night since it was Matthew's birthday party. Sunday night was Mom's night (and Mary was her sous chef :) ). She decided to do an Italian feast!

Not sure how much help Callie and Matthew were being....
We had a great antipasto platter and then spaghetti with Italian sausage, marinara sauce, or clam sauce! Wow! They even made some fried cheese appetizers! YUM!
Our house had this fabulous lanai area in the back - a screened in pool area. The kids ate every meal out at this table, and MANY a game was played out here while kids swam or played!
We LOVED this pool - it was so nice that the kids could just swim whenever they wanted! There was a safety gate around it so we didn't have to worry about the littlest ones getting in unless we let them in. The big kids swam and swam and swam!
Putting the finishing touches on one of our three sauces!
Caleb and Joseph were SQUEALING with delight in the other room - just dancing around and giggling with each other! It was so cute!
A little game of ring around the rosy.
After our feast, we felt the need to take a nice long walk :)

Callie LOVES pushing Joseph in his stroller!
At one point on the walk, Callie was telling everyone how she knows how to spell her name - C-A-L-L-I-E! Then, she tells me "I even know how to spell my name backwards! E-I-L-L-A-C"! I was flabbergasted! She said Jacob taught her how! :)

Kelli and I are making the same face...not sure why...I'm sure Callie was probably doing something to Joseph!

I love these random pictures - totally captures it. (see the "lagging behind" group? :)There were some fast walkers in our family and some "not so fast" walkers!)
We passed a house still under construction that David, David, and Kelli went into to was beautiful! (and nearly gave Kristen a heart attack! She likes to follow the rules!!) Suddenly, John and Jacob were up on the dumpster! (No, we didn't let them go in!)
Nice neighborhood, right? :)
We ended the night with a taste test -that everyone took VERY seriously! David & I have been doing taste tests for years and have been waiting to do an ice cream taste test - but never wanted to have 4 containers of ice cream in my freezer! This was the perfect opportunity! The overwhelming favorite was Blue Bell. Edy's came in last. There were a few that liked Breyers the best. My husband liked the Publix brand the best! Yes!! Way to pick the cheapest!! LOVE it! :) (I picked Blue Bell)

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