Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinner and Books

These moments - when I have kids hanging all over me while I read - are some of my favorites about being a mom!! Seriously - I love it. We all just take a deep breath and relax.
These two helped me with dinner. Callie is always insistent that she wear her apron - no matter if it will only take 2 minutes of her helping. Caleb wanted to sit right next to her, but I don't have an apron his he had to wear another one of mine. He wasn't really happy that is was enormous on him....

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sandi said...

"hey lady... all them yours?" heard that the other day and looked around to make sure he was talking to me. since when was three a lot! four looks like a lot when you are all crammed in one chair. love all the updates... this must be a record!