Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Relaxing Wednesday

Since several of our families didn't get back from Sea World until LATE on Tuesday night, we all decided to switch our schedule up a bit and just have a relaxing day on Wednesday. I went to the store in the morning to get the ingredients for my dinner that night...and picked up boogie boards for my kids! (David...the packing nazi....wouldn't let me buy them before we left town, so I had to wait and buy them there) :)

Caleb and John

If you are on the floor, Caleb takes that as an open invitation to rough house! :)
Caleb and Joseph were BIG helpers bringing in the groceries :)
We headed to the beach for a few more hours of fun.
This private beach was the best. So quiet. So clean. So pretty. So relaxing!

The four sisters! Standing in birth order of course!!
Kristen, Katy, Kelli, and Kimberly
The boys were in boogie board HEAVEN!!
Aaahhh...this is the life!

Mom and Kristen

Chris went out to try and surf a bit
I think they were probably having one of those father-and-my-teenage-daughter talks....
They have a sweet relationship. David told me one night "I hope Callie still will hold my hand when she's 14!" Precious.
Jacob and Josiah would have boogie boarded for hours. I don't think Jacob came in at all for the first 2 hours we were there. Just loved it. Josiah loved it too, but being the perfectionist that he is, he would get a bit frustrated if he didn't ride a wave just perfectly ever time. :) Working on that!

Luke and Josiah
Best friends/Cousins! :)

Trying to clean out the sand that got in his suit :)
Mom and Mary
The beach, fruit snacks, and a juice box - what more do you need in life? :)
Kristen painted Callie's finger nails and toe nails! :) (see that big smile on Callie's face? Kristen said Callie didn't say a word the whole time she was painting her nails....she was wondering if she liked it. I'd say she definitely did! ) :)

Caleb, Callie, and Joseph playing a little Lego Rockband...
Joseph singing his new favorite tune - "We Will Rock You" of course!

They invited a professional to join their band
Joseph and Caleb both got lollipops - and they were both blue! :)
Can it get any cuter?
Matthew, Caleb, and Joseph were squealing and giggling up on the 2nd floor - we couldn't tell what it was about, but they were hysterical!
We had a tournament - brackets and everything - for Speed (a card game). It was a little embarrassing when our nieces and nephews - whom WE taught the game to - beat us!!!
The DS boys :)
Is there an app for that? David was grilling the chicken for our dinner. It was delicious!! Homemade chicken alfredo - yum!! Marinated grilled chicken, pasta, and homemade alfredo sauce? Doesn't get much better!

And what for dessert? Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding of course - a personal favorite of Joe's! :)

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sandi said...

funny "is there an app for that"

like you bathing suit. looks like a super fun trip. mary is really growing up... wow.