Tuesday, July 12, 2011


She'll probably kill me for posting this (good thing she's the ONE sister that doesn't regularly read my blog!), but here's a picture of my sister Kim's newest summer accessory! Bummer huh? And the major bummer is that it's not waterproof! Ugh! Here's hoping the next 6 weeks (in Florida!) go by quickly for her!!!
The kids and I had to run a BUNCH of errands this morning. A bunch meaning 7 stops!! Some not so fun (like going to the DMV to return a license plate that we should have returned 7 months ago when we got rid of David's car - oops) and some fun (like buying more nerf ammo for vacation!). The kids did AMAZINGLY well. They earned marbles AND we even got icee's after our quick run into Sam's Club (where they fixed my glasses for FREE - Caleb had bent the frame of them yesterday). So we got to check something else off our summer list! :)

After Josiah went running through the house screaming "I have a brilliant idea guys!", this is what I found. I noticed them getting out the ball of string and I informed them that if they unwound it, they'd have to wind it back up. I decided it was not REALLY a big deal and that I could say yes to this crazy imaginative idea. They wound it ALL throughout the house creating a "web" and culminated it down in the entry hallway. David walked in the house, saw it, and said "does mommy know you are doing this?" :) I figured it should earn me some cool mommy points right?

Stay tuned for a post about that mattress...the neighbors had borrowed our toddler bed for their son and just returned it. You KNOW how David is...stay tuned for a different looking Caleb's room!! :)

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sandi said...

i saw the first picture and my heart stopped (well almost) thinking something had happened to you or callie. can you imagine a child not having a water proof cast during summer break? ugh!

how long did it take to get the string down... or it is still up?

you mean the mattress post is not about them sliding down the stairs on it?