Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to everyone!! It's been a happy one here so far! It started off very exciting since Caleb slept 6 hours last night - then woke up, ate, and slept for another 4 hours. Hooray! :) He technically wasn't supposed to be allowed to go past 5 hours until tomorrow (when he'll be 4 weeks old), but I decided one day wouldn't kill him. He was SO tired because we were at church ALL day yesterday - all morning for "normal" church services, and then home for an hour before heading back for a seminar from 3- 8 pm. Great seminar, but tired kids. The other 3 were in their classes, but Caleb was with us in the sanctuary. So he didn't ever get a REAL nap yesterday- lots of cat naps in people's arms, etc. So he was good and tired! He also started "batting" at a toy over his face yesterday...and I SWEAR he's trying to smile at me! Why's he getting so BIG already! :)

I spent most of the morning today talking with my sister Kelli as we prepare for our family weekend in Myrtle Beach. 3 of the 4 sisters will be there, and my Mom is coming too so it is going to be a fun long weekend. Our family will be driving back on Saturday night to be at church on Sunday for the services and then a church-wide picnic that David has been heading up. Then we'll return back for the rest of the holiday weekend. SO looking forward to getting away for a few days - for ALL of our sakes. So I've been making menu plans, grocery lists, packing lists, laundry - all that fun stuff! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Packing and Unpacking

It's been a great weekend so far. Feeling good, happy kids, sleeping baby. Love it! I've been packing and unpacking today - packing up maternity clothes to return, and unpacking my "regular" clothes. It's very to see all the "new" clothes that haven't been seen in SO long, but will be very depressing once I realize that they really don't quite fit the same yet. Oh well - one small step at a time.

I just put a meatloaf in the oven, David has the older 3 kids at the pool (since when did Callie become one of the "older" ones), making plans to leave on thursday afternoon for Myrtle Beach for a few days, aahhhh. We're good here.

Friday, August 28, 2009


One more success!! Lunch went just fine for Josiah - he very much enjoyed it, and Mrs. Bickley said everything went very smoothly. Whew!!

Nervous for him...

10:45 am is Josiah's lunch time. He had decided earlier in the week that he wanted to buy lunch today. I told him that was fine. But he was anxious about it this morning, David said. David got up with him and let me sleep a bit while he took him to school. He said he was really nervous. David let his teacher know that this would be the first time for Josiah to buy lunch, and she said she'd help him. I hope it goes well! Praying that no calamity strikes.... :)

Cleaning the house today. I feel bad that that's how I'm spending David's day off, but I just can't do it yet on a normal day without real sleep! So not a very exciting morning here!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm itching to run again. I'm relieved...and scared all at the same time. I stopped running when I got to about 26 weeks (i'd have to go back and check), but stayed active up until we moved away from VA and my precious YMCA. I still did elliptical and weights and all that good stuff. I had ambitions of keeping up with walking once we moved, but frankly I was so exhausted from the previous several months, that I just didn't. I had enough activity in regular old life that I just couldn't and didn't want any more. But now I am anxious. I still have 3 weeks to go before my check up, but I am getting really anxious to run again. I'm REALLY going to miss having the Y right around the corner, because it will mean lots of EARLY morning runs. But i'm getting excited. It's probably mostly because I'm so "squishy" these days. But I'm thinking towards a February race....trying to convince David and Kelli to do it with we'll see!

Another First

Caleb got to come to choir rehearsal with me tonight for the first time...and he LOVED it!!! He was SUCH a happy boy the whole time - he was happy to be back surrounded by the altos!! Our kids have always loved music during my pregnancies, so it didn't surprise me one bit! He was glad to be back. They called him the "choir mascot"! :) About 30 minutes before it was over, he started smacking his lips, but he held on until the end of rehearsal, when he decided to create a blowout!!! I changed his diaper after picking up the other kids, and made the decision to head home (and hope he makes it that long) and feed him there...rather than feed him at church and then leave. He was fine during the drive and then when we walked in the door, he started screaming...I guess he was telling me he was DONE waiting!!! Hurried and got everyone else in bed and then he was SO glad to finally eat! :) Another "normal" thing that it was SO good to get back to!!

Josiah's papers from his backpack are laid out and drying. (David's going to get a kick out of hearing this story when he gets home). I think I'm going to send milk in his thermos tomorrow...just to be sure. And he's decided that he wants to buy lunch on Friday! I told him that he can choose to buy lunch on a few special days and was SHOCKED when he said that he wanted to! So we looked at the menu for the next several weeks and he picked a day when he was sure to like the offerings...I think I'll probably send his teacher an email to give her a heads up to keep an eye out for him on Friday in the lunch line....that's a big deal! :)

Today's Lesson from School

Today's big lesson from school didn't have anything to do with a math concept. Not a thrilling science experiment. No new language skills or reading concepts. Had to do with a capri-sun. Yep - you know where this is going don't you.

On the first day of school, Josiah came home and said he couldn't get his chips open. It was a big deal because it's not often that he gets chips for lunch, but I thought it would be a fun treat for the first day of school. Well, apparently I'm a terrible mom for never buying the prepackaged stuff because he didn't know how to open the bag!! So when we got home, I showed him how and he's been fine since then. (yes, there are teachers in the cafeteria, but you have to be willing to ASK for help if you need it...something we're working on with him!).

So today I sent him a capri-sun for his lunch. It was the 100% juice kind, and I thought he'd enjoy it because he's always so thirsty, and it's bigger than the normal "juice boxes". Well, he got in the car and said he couldn't open it. Again, I said "did you ask for help?" He said he told the teacher he didn't need help because he thought he could do it, but then the hole went all the way through instead (all you moms know exactly what I'm talking about here, right?) At least he was okay with things - no tears, no drama. Just didn't have a drink.

So we get home and I pull out the lunch box...the capri sun is in there...and yes the hole went all the way through. But that means that there is JUICE everywhere!!! Soaked his lunch box. Soaked his backpack. I'm surprised he didn't have a wet spot on his back from carrying it!! His papers are a little wet, but not too bad. He had a book in there from home that is SOAKED! so that's the life lesson today. If you open your drink, you can't bring it back home in your lunch box!! THESE are the things that he's going to school to learn! :)

Very Accomplished...

I'm feeling very accomplished today. Yesterday and today I was able to knock out 6 errands that I had to do (in the span of 2 blocks of time between feedings!) - and 3 of them were returns which can turn horrible in a matter of seconds with a newborn, a 2 year old, and a 4 year old with you. Somehow, we managed to do well and finish them all up this afternoon - ahhh! Feeling good!

It's nice to be getting back into the routine. Tonight is the last night of someone bringing a meal to us - that has been a HUGE blessing. I don't say that lightly. To know that several nights a week I didn't have to even THINK about dinner - it was a big help for me. But we're starting to get back to normal around here. Caleb is doing well and really settling into his little routine. He's been doing a 5 hour stretch of sleep, then wakes up to eat, and then goes another 3-4 hours. It's very helpful that David is able to take Josiah to school several mornings a week. I got the other 2 kids signed up for storytime at the library, so we're back in that groove. It just feels good to have normal life starting to come back!! Last night, David came downstairs after putting Caleb in bed and said we had 4 sleeping kids at 8 pm!! Good stuff!! :) We're getting there!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing with God

Jacob LOVES Caleb. For someone that is always on the go, he LOVES to sit and hold him. He'll run his little head, give him kisses - he just loves him. This morning after I was done feeding Caleb, Jacob sat next to me on the couch and wanted to hold him, so I put Caleb in his lap. He was loving on him, and then we had this conversation:

Me: "Aren't you glad that God gave us Caleb?"

Jacob: "Yes, but why did it take God so long to make him?"

Me: "Well, it takes a long time to make a whole baby - all their little body parts, their hands, their feet."

Jacob: "Yeah, it wasn't hard for God, it just took a long time." pause... "He (Caleb) was ready to be born, he just wanted to stay and play with God for a few more days".

How cute is that? So I guess that's the reason all of my babies have been born late. They wanted to stay and play with God for a few more days! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you remember when we first bought this house and the pictures I took of their swing in the backyard? Well, they took it with them, but David finally got around to hanging one up for us today! Because the tree branch is about 50 feet up in the air, the swing goes FOREVER - it's so cool!!! We LOVE Fridays around here!! (What a difference it makes having Daddy home!!!) And I'm feeling much better. Even got the house cleaned today, laundry done. Aahhh. Since David was off today, he took and picked up Josiah from school, so we had a nice, quiet day. Love it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Serious Conversations

Someone please tell him he's only 2 weeks old and shouldn't be this strong already!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

real tears

caleb's - not mine!! poor baby was on the floor crying his eyes out tonight while i was tryng to get the other 3 in bed (david's gone again tonight - band/choir practice) and when i went to go pick caleb up, he had REAL tears!!! So sad! it makes you feel worse about their crying when the real tears actually start!!!

The FIRST day of FIRST grade!

We did haircuts on Monday night, had baths and were in bed early last night, so we were READY to go this morning for the first day of school! It started off with the traditional donut breakfast (and scrambled eggs)...

I just told him yesterday that at his new school this year, he could wear his "play clothes" - he didn't have to wear a uniform like last year. He was ecstatic - he said "you mean I don't have to wear my work shirts?" (apparently what he calls his polo shirts). So this is what he picked out to wear for the first day - and I decided not to make a big deal of it. I guess little boys just wear play clothes to school! :)

Here's the whole gang - ready to take Josiah to school!

Walking in....(see the superhero backpack...again, not a battle worth fighting in my opinion - he was SO excited about it).

He walked right in and started putting his stuff in his cubby and on his hook. His teacher has the room decorated in sort of an outdoor/wilderness theme (complete with tent in the reading area!). See the bathroom labeled "outhouse?" adorable!

Then he walked right over to his desk and started in on his papers that were out for him. He LOVES the routine of school and I think is going to have a great day!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

When we came home, Jacob and Callie sat on the couch together to watch Curious George. It's already strangely quiet around here...we all miss him already, but it's going to be a good thing. As soon as we dropped Josiah off, Jacob said "now I'M the boss of the kids"! We had talked about how he'll be the oldest at home again while Josiah's at school, he'd need to be a good helper, etc. Apparently he gets it! :)
We've already made cupcakes and they are cooling on the counter right now. I'm looking forward to naptime, and then we get to go pick him up. I have NO idea how to do the "car line" - should be interesting!!! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 2 weeks old birthday Caleb!

Caleb's 2-week check up was this morning at the doctor's office. Let's just say he passed with flying colors!! The doctor was VERY pleased with everything, the appointment was quick, and we were on our way home sooner rather than later and don't have to go back until his 2 month check - up. Hooray! I'm SO thankful for my healthy baby boy!!
His stats:
20 1/2 inches long (same as birth)
14 1/4 head circumference (was 13.5 at birth - i guess his brain HAS gotten bigger!)
8 lbs 9 oz (8 lbs 2 oz at birth).
The doctor reminded me that he should be sleeping on his back...and I politely nodded. I've had 2 tummy sleepers, and 1 back sleeper so far. I think this one wants to join the majority...we'll see. Am I the only mom that goes against the curve on this one??


thank you my dear friends for your encouragement. at the end of a long day, my heart was so encouraged to know that i'm surrounded (even if not literally) by such wonderful friends that love me and encourage me exactly when i need it. if only we could all do lunch! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


i'm going to try to keep this post short because i don't have much energy for much more. i'm struggling with balance today. Mom left today to go back home, and it was a rough afternoon. i was tired, kids were tired - rough combination. i'm trying not to look too far ahead of myself, but find myself going there and becoming overwhelmed. i'm so excited for josiah and his first day of first grade on wednesday - i know he's going to love it. but i'm feeling terribly guilty that his last few weeks of summer have been so terribly boring for him. i know he's feeling cooped up, and i hate that i haven't been able to do more fun and exciting things with him before he's back to school all day. sometimes i think he gets the brunt of things - having to play quietly while the little ones are napping so that i can lay down and get some rest. i know i need to rest and recover, but how do i balance that along with making sure that his needs are met. it's rough. i say this everytime i have a baby, but they all need such different things from me these days. it will be a balancing act trying to keep all the balls in the air. one day at a time, i know. i'm just saying. rough afternoon.

A quick stop before vacation

Beth & her family got to stop in on Thursday for a quick visit before heading to their vacation on Friday - hooray! I love stop-overs!!! The kids LOVED having her kids here to play with them, and they picked up just where they left off - as always. Josiah and Harrison played games, games, and more games, Jacob and Jackson played dinosaurs and rescue heroes, and Callie and Addison played with their baby dolls and strollers - it was so fun! I enjoyed getting to sit with Beth and talk while she held Baby Caleb for me (I think she enjoyed that part too!) - I was SO glad they could come by!! These sleepovers are fun!

"Baby" Addison meeting Baby Caleb

Beth's oldest (Harrison) with my youngest (Caleb) - crazy!

Meals are always awfully noisy with our crews!

Tutu meets Caleb!

Sorry for the absence!! My Mom came in town on Wednesday and got to meet Caleb!!! I was SO thankful she was able to fly in and spend some time with us. It was a big relief to me to know that the older three kids would have someone with some energy to play with them, and that they'd have a great time. I felt bad that we didn't do very many fun or exciting things - but I guess that wasn't the purpose of this trip! She got to be here for Caleb's first bath, and was a HUGE help to us in getting some of the last minute preparations for school starting done. We were even able to leave the other 3 kids home with her while we took Josiah to meet his new teacher at the open house. So it was a blessing! We're all in a depression now that she's left, but at least we know we'll see her in a few more weeks (Labor Day weekend). Thanks for coming Tutu - you saved us!

Mom helped me give Caleb his first bath on Friday because his belly button finally fell off!!

Mom came with us to church on Sunday morning - my first Sunday back. It was nice to have some extra hands! :) As you can see by Josiah's face in this picture, he was in a foul mood that morning...sigh...

Caleb started to really follow our faces over the last few days. He's so smart!

I don't think he ever relaxes his eyebrows - they're always up!!! And eyes wide open!

Goodbye Tutu - come back to see us again...we'll be more fun, I promise!

I DO love my Mom!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

How great is THIS?!?

This came along with our meal that was brought tonight. Isn't it the cutest? A little "package" including paper plates, cups, napkins, and even 3 bags of M&Ms for the kids!! Talk about thoughtful!!! Dinner was DELISH too - I LOVE being back in the south!!! So thankful...seriously...for people that know how much these tangible things help!!!

Life Keeps Going

I remember, after I had Josiah, feeling like the rest of the world stopped. Nothing newsworthy must have happened. Everyone else's lives must have stopped, because I felt like we were in a little "baby bubble". I definitely don't feel that way this time. I don't know if it's because I'm more accustomed to it and know I have to keep going or what. It's really probably just the fact that I have 3 other kids who don't care at ALL if you've just had a baby or not - their lives and their day continues to spin!

We've been doing very well actually. I'm thankful that my deliveries and recoveries all tend to go pretty well - because things haven't slowed down MUCH here. I came home from the hospital on Thursday. On Friday, David had to be at church from 3 pm until 10 pm for a concert. Saturday was nice and quiet...although that night we went and bought David a new suit (the kids actually did well during a very "boring" errand for them...the boys played their new guess who game, and callie wheeled around luggage that was right next to the suit section. caleb slept through the whole thing). Sunday was Sunday - so David was gone at 7 am, but took the big boys with him (a big help for me). They were home at 1 pm, and then David left again at 2:45 until 6 pm for auditions he was holding. Today's Monday and David's back at work. He's been working on getting Christmas music picked, a budget worked out for 2010, some ministry planning stuff done, a church-wide labor day picnic that he's coordinating, OH - and normal Sunday morning music stuff too!! It's been busy.

So life goes on. I took the kids down to the pool this morning so they could burn off some much needed energy. We went early so it wouldn't be terribly hot, and caleb and i stayed in the shade (he slept in his seat the whole time). callie cried for half of the time because I wouldn't let her get in the big pool unless she was wearing her floaties. she played in the little pool for a while, cried & argued for a while, and then finally gave in and put her floaties on so she could swim around. hopefully next time she'll agree quicker! i really hate that I can't get in there and swim too. do i really have to wait 6 weeks? caleb and i are never going to make it!!

the last two nights have gone really well, which has helped me feel functional. Both nights, Caleb has done two 4-hour stretches, which i greatly appreciate! And sleeping in his own bed - so we're definitely getting there. Thankful he's such a healthy baby and a good eater!

I know that 3 of my 4 are asleep, and I haven't heard anything from my "resting" he may be asleep too. i don't have enough time before i have to feed caleb next, so i think i'll have to clean the bathroom instead. bummer!!!

OH - and you know what my pick-me-up of the day from God was? An email from a friend here with a schedule of who is going to be blessing us with meals for the next couple of weeks. How amazing is that? SO very thankful - just when I start to get overwhelmed, God does something like that just to remind me "it's going to be okay. one day at a time. i'm still taking care of you and have you in the palm of my hand". Deep breath. Love it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

He FINALLY did it!

Hold Caleb, that is!! Jacob & Callie had already gotten in bed after baths, and I needed to run upstairs for something. I asked Josiah if he'd hold Caleb for me, and he said "sure!". They were so cute - my oldest (looking VERY old and grown-up) and my youngest.
Josiah has been VERY sweet with Caleb. Talks to him every time he walks by in that sweet little voice. Asks where he is almost immediately after waking up. He and Jacob were talking today at lunch about all the things they are going to teach him when he gets bigger, and all the things they'll do together and play together. I love it.

And on a less sentimental note, why are all my pictures lately of kids in their underwear? I do dress them, I swear!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Snoozing...

What is it about babies loving to nap with their daddies? I have pictures like this with all the kids - it's always their favorite position for the first few days! :) And I don't think it bothers David much at all!

Calming down for the night...

Doesn't he look like a little man?

Which looks yummier?

Caleb had his first sponge bath on Friday night...not by plan either. David had to head to church around 3 pm for a concert that he had brought in for the evening. I was on my own - with all 4 - after being home from the hospital for less than 24 hours! We did great....until Caleb had a blow out. And I mean blow out! Everywhere. I had no other choice but to put him in the kitchen sink to wash off the lower half of him...and then once the kids were in bed, I decided I'd have to give him a sponge bath (with soap) to make sure he was GOOD and clean. I felt bad that David missed it and I only have this one picture...but desperate times call for desperate measures!
And THIS arrived for us from Justin & Andrea! What a SPECIAL treat!!! Thank you so much guys - we can't wait for you to come visit and see Caleb in person!

Which looks yummier? The left or the right? The left was yummy, but I could just eat up the little guy on the right! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rock Me!

Nothing better than all curled up with Dad!
These pictures are special because Caleb is in the same cradle that my sisters and I were in as babies. All of my own children have now laid in this cradle too - sweet pictures!

This was Caleb's coming home outfit - I thought it very appropriate for our little musician!

This was Josiah's idea - he wanted a picture of "all the brothers"!