Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Wednesday with Friends

Our day started off with a meeting at Chick-fil-A (yes, again...only this time we weren't dressed as cows and we did have to pay for it! I did come with a few coupons though! :) ). Alli (Missions Coord.) and I I had to meet with our Children's Pastor & his wife about the fall calendar as I plan the kids' musical for Christmas...and since I have 4 kids with me at all times, CFA is a good place for a meeting! They can eat and play while we eat and meet! :)
We lucked out because apparently this CFA does storytime on Wednesday mornings! So they read a few books and then decorated cookies!! Score! We went over and swam at Alli's pool afterwards with her crew and had a blast! Keatley thought it was hilarious watching Caleb swim - and apparently it wore him out because he came home and took a 3+ hour nap!
We had to go up to church for a praise team rehearsal and so while the boys played their DSI's (come in very handy in situations like this), Callie and Caleb sort of played all around my feet :). They were in the kids' choir library at one point and came out like this - dressed like "angels" she said! :)
And we are getting to cross off something else from our "list" - Noah is spending the night tonight! :)

Tomorrow I get to start my day off with a dentist appointment and then pack pack pack for vacation! The packing nazi (aka David) has already informed me that I am not allowed to pack us to the brim, so we'll see how it all comes out! :) Only one more day until vacation!

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sandi said...

a cfa that does storytime? cool. have fun on vacation ~ packing for a crowd can be hard sometimes!