Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moving in to the Beach House!!! And Matthew's Birthday!

We were so excited to finally arrive to our beach house and get to check in!! Chris and Kristen had already arrived and were out scoping good fishing spots. Kim & her family were there running through the house when we pulled in! (Scott and Kelli were driving behind us from St. Augustine, but decided to take a "scenic" route to see the water instead of interstate and arrived about 40 minutes after us.... :) )
it didn't take long before Tutu's "Mary Poppins" purse began to open. First out - new beach/pool towels for all 9 grandkids with their names on them! :) She knew we'd be getting LOTS of use out of them this week!!
The only "toy" I brought with us was the trains and train track. It was brilliant - all of the 4 younger ones (Caleb, and Callie, Joseph, and Matthew) LOVED it. Especially Caleb and Joseph - who are just starting to discover their love for trains. LOVED it.
And we were SO excited to get to celebrate Matthew's 4th birthday - his REAL birthday was our FIRST day at the vacation house - isn't that fun??
Um. 2 year olds + Blue frosting = Happy!!!

Messy? Us??

Matthew is all about Batman these days, so we got him 2 guys for his batman castle. My boys were SUPER excited to watch him open what they chose for him! :)
Still blue after being "cleaned up". Looks like we'll be breaking in the bathtub right away!!

The blue DID eventually come off - but they had to stay in the tub for a bit first!! :) (Oh, and while in the tub, Callie and Caleb taught Joseph how to sing "We Will Rock You!!"
After we got the little ones in bed, Tutu's Mary Poppins bag opened up again - to reveal cute little bags for all the sisters!! We called them our summer stockings - because each bag had a fun magazine, a puzzle book, a novel, and some other fun things (chapstick, lotion, etc). Isn't Mom the funnest? :)

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Judy said...

Seriously, your mom has the best ideas!!! What a fun grandma!