Friday, July 31, 2009

Fat FOOT Daddy

I think maybe David is a little jealous of all the phone calls and attention that I'm getting with being about to go into labor at any minute!! This afternoon he was out in the front yard and was taking our trash can back to the backyard when he stepped on something. At first he thought it was just something sharp until the pain started radiating all up his foot and leg and it started to swell. Looks like he stepped on a wasp or yellow jacket or hornet or something. So now he's "fat foot daddy". It looks awful - worse than his hand did - and he's limping around here and is in a bit of pain. I must confess that I'm not terribly sympathetic...after all, I'm about to endure some SERIOUS pain, and don't have a lot of patience for a bee sting (I know, it's not the same, but still...). His foot looks pretty bad though! He's got to recover quickly - I'm going to be needing him at full strength when I have this baby!!!

Mr. Hospitality

I told the boys this afternoon that it was time for them to go upstairs and make sure their room was picked up and beds were made because we were having some friends over for dinner tonight. Josiah said "Someone's coming over for dinner? YES! I LOVE when people come to our house for dinner!" How cute is that? So consider that a standing invitation to all of you from Josiah! :)

"You Got Twins In There?"

"no ma'am. My due date was yesterday though." (but thanks SO much for saying that. I certainly LOVE to hear how HUGE I look!!!)

This is what I was greeted with by the lady at the Customer Service counter at Sam's Club when I returned the diapers (remember how I bought the wrong size for Callie?). Good grief.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

40 weeks!

Here's what a FULL-TERM pregnant lady looks like!!! (At the end of a long, sweaty day I might add!) Stay tuned for what 40+ weeks looks like! :)

HE didn't arrive today, but THESE did!

My sweet friend Courtney sent these onesies that she made for him - one to fit him now, and one for when he gets bigger. They both have a "c" on the front, and a little "heart" in matching fabric on his bottom - how cute is THAT!!!!
My dad sent these clothes for him - SO SO cute. I don't think he'll go naked!!!

Two of the shirts up close - they cracked me up. The yellow one has a crab on it and says "I'm a little bit shellfish". Isn't that a riot?

Uh-oh....confession time

So last night, David got home from band practice and saw Callie's "artwork" on the kitchen wall. He asked what happened and I told him that Callie drew on the wall, got in trouble, was VERY sad, and I didn't have the energy to scrub it all off. He got this look on his face and said "that's probably my fault." I was like WHAT?!?! I had brought the kids up to his office yesterday morning while I had my OB appointment. He let them play basketball and stuff in the gym, and then also apparently took him to some office that had a WHITE BOARD. Callie (and the boys too) loved drawing on the board. He said he thinks she probably thought the WALL was another white board for her draw on!! Poor baby - I felt bad that her DADDY got her into trouble!!!

A Fun Day with my Three

We just got home from a fun day together with my three kids. We had so much fun! After a bit of excitement last night after choir practice (I had about 45 minutes of contractions that were 5 minutes apart and rather hefty....but then they stopped), I decided it would be a good day to take the kids to the zoo and walk around a bit!

I purposely did not take the stroller with me - Callie hardly sits in it, especially at the zoo, and I knew that very soon, we wouldn't have the OPTION of going anywhere without it. So I just had my kids and my cooler bag on my shoulder and we hit the zoo. It was great - we just walked around and saw what we wanted to see. Took a break and had some snacks, then saw some more. Totally loved it. Loved just watching the kids and taking it all in - taking it at their pace.

We left around 1 pm and went around the corner to a local ice cream shoppe & grille that we had a gift certificate for (thanks Fords!) and got the kids a hot dog and an ice cream. Because it's a real "grille", it takes a few minutes for them to actually COOK your food. So I let the kids eat their ice cream first - which they LOVED!!! It was like "backwards day", Josiah said. As soon as left the ice cream shoppe, the heavens opened up and we drove home in the pouring rain!!! Talk about good timing!

So we're home now, kids are all in bed, and I'm going to lay down for a bit too. I had several people ask me at the zoo "how much longer do you have", and I got a kick out of watching their reactions when I told them TODAY was my due date!!! I told Josiah this morning that today was the day that the doctor thought the baby was going to come. He looked at me and said "I don't think so". So funny.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'M DONE!!!!

I know that one day I will be sad and lonely and miss the days of my kids calling for me, but as for NOW, I can honestly say that I GREATLY look forward to the day when nobody calls "I'M DONE" for me from the bathroom anymore!!!!! I'm just saying!

My littlest artist

These pictures aren't the best, but see what my littlest artist did today? Oh that Callie. Good thing we haven't painted yet. I haven't decided if I have the energy yet to get out the Magic Eraser tonight.


So I also got the oil changed in the van and filled it up with gas. I feel a little bit like preparing for a baby is like preparing for a hurricane!! Even Callie knows - she pulled out the box of poptarts that I had bought earlier this week and said to herself "no, this for when baby caleb comes"! Hilarious!

PS - I'm sorry for being so self-absorbed lately and only posting about this pregnancy. It is quite ever-present on our minds, and is all anyone asks us about these days! Plus, since I'm not allowed to call anyone for fear they'll think it's THE CALL, I've got to have some way to vent!!

the same... i was last week. No news from my doctor's appointment this morning. Everything looks great and is as perfect as perfect can be. She gave me the option of talking about induction, but I told her I'd rather wait and see (which is what she encourages as well - very thankful for doctor's with the same mindset that I have). She scheduled me for an ultrasound for next week, should I still be waiting, just to check the baby's growth and fluid levels, but is doubtful I'll need to keep that appointment. So we carry on!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and i thought it went so well...

i was impressed with how well everyone did at sam's club this afternoon. after naps is not my favorite time to go out and run errands, but i had two that i wanted to get done today. i knew david would be a bit later, so i thought i'd take advantage of the window of time.

sam's club went surprisingly well, i thought. the kids did well. stayed where they were supposed to (in the cart). the cart wasn't terribly hard to push. we only had a few things to get. they were the expensive ones (bummer when they all end up on the same receipt!). you know - toilet paper, laundry detergent (yes, i'm back to buying it because of my fancy schmancy HE machines), diapers. they were out of swim diapers (REALLY mad about that), and didn't have the type of ink we needed for our printer (annoying). but it went well. as in no meltdowns. for kids or the mom.

so i'm putting all the stuff away now, and just discovered that i got the wrong size of diapers. good grief. so much for "my last trip to sam's club before i have the baby". that is SO annoying. guess i was basking in the glory of having a successful errand and not paying attention!!

Kelli's Dinner

So as I mentioned, today is my sister Kelli's birthday. I won't mention her age, because she's sort of in denial about it these days! :) But it's been a fun year for Kelli and I. She delivered her first baby in April, and it was so fun when we were both pregnant with our boys at the same time!! They'll be about 3 months apart, and will be the best of friends/cousins! :)

Anyways, today was her birthday, so in honor of her, we had a "Kelli dinner". Something I've never made or bought before, but it was a big hit! We had tilapia and couscous (and green beans, but that's not new obviously). I had couscous for the first time at their house, and they live in south Florida and eat all KINDS of fresh seafood that I haven't tried. Both items were on sale this week at the store, so i figured it was a good time to try it.

And they were a hit! Well, with most of us. Jacob vetoed dinner completely (not a shock). Josiah tried his bites of the tilapia, but said it wasn't his favorite (he loves tuna and shrimp though, so we'll keep trying). He was a fan of the couscous. Callie LOVED the tilapia (ate her portion and Jacob's), but didn't touch the couscous (again, not a shock. she doesn't typically care for the "grains/carbs" in a meal - but will inhale the meat and veggies. David and I loved it all. Tasted so good! Part of why it was so good for me I think was because David did it all! He grilled the fish and had the couscous almost ready by the time the kids & I got home from Sam's and Bed Bath & Beyond!!! LOVE it!!!

The boys' room

Here's what the stripes look like. David still has to do the opposite wall, but this is what it looks like - isn't it cool? The front wall (with the windows) and the back wall (where the door is) is the navy blue. The two side walls are the light blue, and then has the stripes - so cute...and it looks sort of like a bigger boy room (not that it was a baby room, but it's COOL, you know?)

Here's a battle I chose not to fight - this is where Jacob wanted to take his nap today, and I said okay. Look comfortable to anyone else? not me either...but he's been asleep for 2 1/2 hours exactly like this. Flat on the floor. With the "road map" carpet on top of him! Go figure!

My little artist

Josiah is quite the artist - and is really enjoying this whole idea of making "puppets". He's become quite creative (not like me), and I am finding him more and more at the table with paper all around him and his crayons (my favorites by the way are the Twistables - no breaking, no paper peelings everywhere....).

Callie loves to sit and draw by Josiah too. She especially loves to trace her hand, and then asks for her name (she wants her name written on the paper).

Here he is with all of his Batman puppets...

I can't tell you how much David loves this! :)

Officially Moved!

I think we must be officially moved in now - because I got my new address labels and checks in the mail. Hooray! :)

nothing to report...

I was scolded by several people yesterday for allowing the whole weekend to go by without posting anything...which led to several "wonderings" about if I'd had the baby or not. (Which I did NOT by the way). So I'll try to be better over the next several days to keep you in the loop.

I feel as though I can't hardly call anyone because I know they FREAK out as soon as they see it's me...only to have me say "this is NOT the call". It's pretty funny to me.

Not a whole lot happening around here. We met some friends at the pool again this morning and just got home a bit ago to put 2 tired little swimmers in bed. I'm getting ready to get showered and put back together and then am hoping to head to Sam's Club and Bed Bath & Beyond after naps. Getting those last few things before i'm out of commission for a few days.

Oh, and no, my dinner guests last night did NOT send me into labor. Not even any major contractions to speak of last night. My back and legs were sore though - I'm starting to wonder if this baby isn't going to be face up like Jacob was...ugh.

So I have a small window of time in the next few hours to have this baby...otherwise I've got to wait until after about 9:30 pm tomorrow night (when David is done with choir and band practice)! My sister Kelli is rooting for today because it's her birthday!!! I'm thinking it's doubtful though....

I promise to let you know....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

I'll try and have some pictures to post later on this afternoon. We had a good weekend. Had the hospital tour on Saturday morning, so now we actually now where to go if this baby ever comes. We had the whole gang with us of course, which probably freaked out the first time moms that were doing the tour with us. They asked us as many questions as they asked of the doula! Pretty funny. Also got my hospital bag "packed" - well, the stuff is in a pile anyways. I haven't actually pulled the BAG out of the closet yet.

David has almost got the boys' room painted. I'll take a picture of it later on today - it's adorable. He's got to do the stripes on one more wall and then it will be all done, but it looks GREAT - the boys were so excited.

I had a couple of hours of contractions last night while David was painting. Nothing terrible and not SUPER consistent, but then they stopped. Surprisingly, I slept very well. David said he didn't - he kept waiting for me to tell him "it's time". We've got company coming over for dinner tonight, and I've got to run to the grocery store to get some things for the week. So life goes on!!! We're doing well though!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The funniest card

I forgot to post this last night. The realtor that we used to find our house here is in the choir, and his wife is an alto with me - they are hilarious. Anyways, they gave us the funniest card last night at the shower. It said:

"It smells funny, makes a lot of noise, and depends on you for everything!"

Then you open it up, and it reads:

"But enough about your husband. Congratulations on your baby!"

It was a riot - David thought it was hilarious! And sort of a funny departure from the "normal" baby shower cards, you know! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He is SOOOOO loved!

Tonight, we were showered with love and gifts from our choir. As I sit here looking at these pictures and thinking about the evening, I am overwhelmed with how loved and supported and encouraging this body has been for us. They have completely embraced David and are behind him 100%. They have been SO precious to me and have been a joy to get to know. They have offered to come and stay with my kids if I go into labor in the middle of the night (which I always do). And tonight after rehearsal, they gave us a baby shower! They are amazing.

I love seeing his name in print!!! (And for all you northerners that have never had the priviledge of shopping at Publix, you are missing out! This cake was delish!)

David picked Callie & the boys up from their classes and brought them in to eat cake during the shower. Callie helped me open ALL of my presents and kept exclaiming "for the NEW baby" and "how cute!" She cracks me up. It's going to be strange to see her as the BIG sister!

Part of the choir - it's the ALTO side! :) (the very FUN side) I am enjoying being back in a choir with ladies that are, for the most part, at a different stage of life than I am. It's such a priviledge to be encouraged by women who have gone before me, have made it through, and are able to be the Titus 2 women for me.

I was surrounded by gifts! :)

Jacob was so cute - he helped me bring them all in from the van, and wanted to open them all up to see what Caleb got. He was SO cute! And since one of my favorite things is to come home from a shower and "relive" the whole experience, I was happy that I had an audience! (after all, David was still at band practice!)

Jacob playing with one of the toys we got - it's a little bean bag toss game. Very cute!

Is little Caleb LOVED or what?!?!

And we got our first "Gamecock" paraphenalia!! It has been quite eye-opening moving down here into a college football town. A totally new experience for us. Neither David nor I really follow college sports - love pro football, but don't really get into college. Well, down here, it's SERIOUS business. And I mean SERIOUS! We are VERY close to the University of South Carolina, and they are VERY serious about their gamecocks!!!
I've said before that we first found out I was pregnant the day we found out that the church was eliminating David's service, and therefore his job. I mentioned to David that we really needed to pray for protection over this baby - that he would be protected for the stress and anxiety and craziness that we were about to go into. My very godly and wise husband said "no, we are going to pray that we will not be fearful, or stressed, or anxious about anything! And then we will also pray for the baby's health, growth, etc." He was right. God has so walked us through these last 9 months. My mom has jokingly said that this pregnancy was almost the "forgotten" one - and I don't mean that in a bad way. But we had SO much other stuff going on - the job search, the interviewing and candidating, the house selling, the house HUNTING, David moving first, me being on my own with all the kids, starting with a new OB, moving, new job, new church. It's been crazy! BUT - I have never once "forgotten" about this pregnancy. He has been at the forefront of my mind and heart this whole time. He has always been a bright spot - even in the midst of the crazy or hard stuff - it has been SUCH a job to carry this child.
I know people think I'm crazy when I say how much I love being pregnant. But I do. I'm blessed to have very normal pregnancies and deliveries. Other than being sick 95% of them and getting big as a house, they are very run-of-the-mill. I love it. I always miss the feeling of them moving around inside of me. And I have really loved this pregnancy. It has NOT been a blur to me. And I'm thankful for that. I'm so thankful with the outpouring of love that we have been overwhelmed with. And so thankful for the many people that barely know us that love us and love our Baby Caleb. God is SO good. and SO faithful!

I LOVE our church!!!

Look what David got at work yesterday? Jacob's class made this for him. (Beth, Jackson's hand is on it too - I think it was made last week when Jackson was in Jacob's class with him...ask him about it!) I LOVE our church!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Easy Lemon Bars

One of my favorite summer recipes. Very refreshing. Dangerous though - seriously - I've already eaten 4 of them today!!!!! YUMMY!

1 pkg. yellow cake mix
1/3 c. butter, softened
1/2 c. pecan halves, chopped
1 pkg (3 oz) lemon cook & serve pudding and pie filling (NOT instant)
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
2 lemons
1 c. powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cake mix and butter; mix until crumbly. Stir in pecans and mix well. Reserve 1 cup of the crust mixture for crumb topping. Press remaining crust mixture evenly over bottom of Pampered Chef Bar Pan (it's a jellyroll size - you can do this in 9x13 if you have to - the bars will just be a bit thicker).

Whisk pudding mix and sweetened condensed milk together until smooth. Zest one lemon. Juice lemon to measure 2 T. juice. Add zest and juice to pudding mixture and mix well. Pour filling over crust, spreading evenly. Sprinkle with reserved crust mixture.

Bake 25-28 minutes or until light golden brown. Remove from oven and cool 10 minutes. Juice remaining lemon to measure 3-5 tsp. juice. Combine powdered sugar and enough lemon juice to mae a thick glaze; drizzle over crumb topping. Cool completely and cut into bars.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday monday

Long day. nothing too spectacular. Can almost add another thing to my "Things I can't do anymore because I'm so big and pregnant" list - pushing 3 kids around in a cart at Walmart is about beyond me. I guess it is 100 pounds of kid. But still - it was rough. I was hoping that having them ALL in a cart would be more helpful - you know, no kids running around blasting imaginary light sabres at people, pulling bags of marshmallows off the shelf, etc. But alas - they are HEAVY! Going to have to stop feeding them I guess.

Finishing up my cooking - i've had to break it into batches because my time (and energy for that matter) comes in small doses these days.

Callie went to sleep early this afternoon, and neither boy slept during rest time (although both WILL be sleeping tomorrow...), and so it made for a long afternoon. The upside to that is that everyone was snoring by 7 pm tonight. Aaaahhh.

I have been trying to stay a few steps ahead of some things...knowing that I could be having a baby sometime very soon. So instead of waiting until the last day to pick up something that i'm out of, I'm trying to get earlier. It's also sort of making me feel like my house is on the market again - trying to keep it VERY clean in case we suddenly leave for the hospital in the middle of the night and have to call someone to come stay at our house with the kids....Crazy, I know.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday ended up being quite a full day. David spent most of the morning in the yard - mowing, edging, raking, sweeping, bush-trimming, etc. It was the first major yard day that David's had to do (more than the normal just mowing and edging kind of thing). It looks great though - I know he's very proud of our home, and enjoys doing it. Oh, and Beth, he even organized the garage a bit! :) (Beth & Anthony clean out their garage more than anyone I know! Seriously!). He wants to put shelving up in their, but until then, at least it's neat!! (Another side note...I LOVE having a garage to park in!).

I was able to get some of my cooking done in the afternoon. I had done my shopping at Sam's and Walmart the day before and was happy to start filling my freezer again. It has probably been 5 months or so since I've done a major cooking like this. I used to do it every month, but when we found out about the move and that David was leaving in April, we switched to "eating up the freezer/fridge/pantry" mode. I didn't do any major cooking while he was gone, and so this felt VERY good. It was nice to "break-in" my kitchen too - and use it and my appliances to their fullest potential! :)

Saturday night, the band from church had a little shower for us and it was GREAT to have an evening to just eat and fellowship together! We are SO blessed to be surrounded by such a talented group of musicians, and even more priviledged to get to know them more!!

Here's the girls!!
L-R Regina (her husband plays electric guitar, Laurie (vocalist), me (can't miss the big prego one), Allyson (vocalist - she hosted the party), Michelle (vocalist), and Jennifer (Jay's wife - he plays drums).
Allyson had made these cute little things for David and I to wear - they had candy pacifiers attached to them. His looked like a necklace/chain, and mine was like a corsage. Callie was totally in love with it. She's totally fixated on pacifiers lately - she never took one hardly a day in her life, but thinks they are amazing right now! anytime she hears a baby cry or sees one at the mall, she says "baby have a paci?"
Laurie MADE us this BEAUTIFUL sage green blanket for Baby Caleb - I LOVE it! (and Callie loves it too - she put it over her head immediately and started spinning around and around. The girl thinks every party is for her!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

are they CUTE or what?!?!

I'm not sure if these will appear on the screen this small, but at least maybe you'll get a little glimpse of my sweet three kids! :)


I love Fridays now. David has them off because Sunday is a "work day" for him, and so it feels like we get two Saturdays in a row! It's SO nice!

David took the kids to the pool this morning while I had my OB appointment of the week. No, they didn't send me straight to the hospital, but all is well. Everyone's doing great - baby continues to measure exactly on track, all looks very healthy, etc, etc. I'm 2 cm, which may be TMI for some of you, but I know some of you want to know! It's been the same with all of my kids, so for those of you that have been thinking this baby would come early with all the stress & craziness that our lives have entailed, I STILL think you're wrong! So a good visit.

During nap time, David finished painting Callie's new dresser and it looks adorable. It's not the sturdiest piece of furniture, but it looks cute with the fresh paint, and will hold her clothes - and it was $25 - so I'm happy. Going to switch out the clothes tomorrow, so I can FINALLY put the baby's clothes in HIS dresser!

Then we headed to Picture People to have the kids' pictures taken - last time with only 3 kids! It went amazingly well - seriously, probably the best pictures since I had only 1 kid to make smile! Josiah looked REALLY old to was strange. They did great though - I was excited to see such great shots. I wonder if I can post the digital picture that they send me in an email?

I did my grocery shopping while we were out that way too, so that I can cook one last time and fill my freezer before the baby comes. It will make me feel better that I've got meals ready for coming months.

So a successful day! All the kids are in bed, and now David and I can relax!!! Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No More Baths

I don't mean no one is allowed to bath anymore. But no one is allowed to take anymore baths in my big jetted tub in the master bathroom. It's one of the sad things about pregnancy for me - not being able to take a hot bath. But David has enjoyed it, and the kids absolutely LOVE the bubbles! I, however, am declaring that it is not to be used again until AFTER I have this baby. It is TOO hard to clean with my big belly now!

Speaking of cleaning, it's been harder today. All of it. Vacuuming, sweeping, even emptying the trash cans is wearing me out (although the kids did most of that). Getting ready to mop the kitchen floor and downstairs bathroom and then I'm done. The upstairs baths are not going to get mopped - and I'm okay with that! I'm not naive enough to think "this is the last big cleaning before..." - I know I probably have two more at least. Sigh.

And one more thing. While I was waiting for David to come home from band practice, I found this show called "I didn't even know I was pregnant". WHAT in the world? It seriously is beyond me. Especially with as PREGNANT as I am!!! VERY strange.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And the hunt continues....

Still searching for a dresser for Callie. I made have finally stumbled on some possibilities on Craigs List - there's been nothing for weeks that I've been looking for, so we'll see if these turn out. Who would have thought it would have been so difficult! There may be more painting involved for David (I want it white...) - poor guy. He doesn't mind painting rooms, but painting furniture is much more of a pain, I think.

Had a nice, relaxing morning. Finished washing and folding the baby clothes (mom & Kelli - don't you feel better now?), and then sat at the kitchen table while all 3 kids worked on various art projects. It was nice. We headed to the pool for a couple hours and had lunch, and are home now for naps for the younger two. I'm going to get showered and dressed, and then we're heading over for a playdate that we were invited too. David has to work late tonight, so I'm thankful for the distraction. And who knows - if I'm lucky, maybe I'll be picking up a dresser tonight too! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Free Pictures!

I can't take the credit for this one - Judy just sent me the link. But Picture People if offering a summer promotion through July 25 that includes a FREE 8x10, 2 5x7s, and 8 wallets. Now the hard part is getting the kids to cooperate!!!

You can tell it's my 4th...

....and not my first baby, because I'm 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date and...

* I JUST dropped off my hospital preregistration form today. I think I was registered with Josiah by the time I had my 20 week ultrasound!

* Haven't washed a stitch of baby clothes yet. Haven't even pulled most of them out of the tub!

* FINALLY decided (we think...) on a name. Caleb Isaac - totally love it (and Josiah has finally relented...). Caleb means Faithful - does that sum up the last 9 months of our life or what? God has CERTAINLY been faithful! And of course Isaac means laughter! Josiah, Jacob, Callie, & Caleb. It just FITS!

* Just painted the baby's room this weekend.

* Called the hospital today about tours....since we're new here, I don't even have a clue WHERE L&D is, or where we'd park, etc, etc.

* Still don't really have a "plan" know, what to do with the kids when I go into labor, what happens if it's in the middle of the night, what happens if it happens on Sunday or Wednesday when David is unavailable, etc, etc.

But hey! We're getting there. Getting very excited about it all. Still think I'll be late like I was with the other three. The kids will even tell you - "our baby is going to be born when it's August. The doctor thinks it will be July 30, but he's always wrong". So funny. I am tired, for sure. Definitely waddling. Alien movement in my stomach is totally hilarious. My feet have started to swell I think a bit - my flip flops feel tighter than they used to. But we're getting there! I'll be 38 weeks this week and have an appointment on Friday. We'll see what they say!

He's Been a BUSY boy!

David is the BEST! I'm very thankful to have married a man so handy - among other things! He's a great painter, and was very busy this weekend tackling two of the kids' rooms. We finally got the baby's room painted, and it's a beautiful blue - has sort of a gray undertone to it, I think. It's very soothing to me. It's made me so excited to really get ready for this baby to come!!!

I'll be spending a lot of time in that rocking chair again....I love that we've had all this stuff for all four of our kids. Same rocker, same crib, same bedding - it's very special. I love it just as much now as I did the first time around. You'll notice the clothes piled on top of the dresser - I JUST pulled them out. My sister mailed me some of her new baby's newborn stuff that he's already outgrown (they are SOOOO tiny)....and so I have them out to put away. I haven't even washed ANYTHING yet - although I did finally buy the baby detergent. I'm a bit behind....

And then David painted Callie's room!!! It's quite the opposite from the baby's calming, soothing room, isn't it? It's SO fun and cheery and bright isn't it - I totally love it!! I was very nervous when we bought the green, but I think it totally looks great...and just like Callie!

Not a great shot of the curtains, but it will give you an idea of that wall with them anyways...

Remember the orange/coral bathroom that David painted with his fat, wasp-stung hand? Well, this is the finished product!!! Isn't he the best? :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

And Then....MORE Friends!!!

What a fun, full weekend!!! Beth & Anthony called us at the last minute and asked if they could come through on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. And of COURSE I said YES please do!!! Anthony had some work to do in Charleston, and Beth was going to spend a few days with her sister and her in-laws, so we were a perfect stop-through for them! We were so excited to finally get to see them again - it felt like it had been tooooo long! It was a quick visit, but we're SO glad they came. Beth & I often make little mid-week trips with the kids, but the husbands are always working and get left out of the fun. And since they stayed through Sunday, they were able to come see our new church and see David lead the services. They even came to BOTH services so they could get the FULL experience and see David do both the choir & the band. We've already got the next visit on the books, so that helps make the goodbyes a bit easier. Keep booking those business trips to Charleston, Anthony - I LOVE getting to see everyone on the stop-through! :)

Callie and Addison

Josiah and Harrison playing Disney Scrabble Jr. They are both definitely gamers! :)

it's not easy getting a picture after church on can see I wasn't quick enough with Josiah - he had already run in and changed clothes before I could tell him to sit for a picture! Oh well!
Beth & I
Addison decked out and ready to chill at the pool for a bit.

The girls in their boats in the kiddie pool

Bathing beauties! :) I was very jealous of Beth and her SO cute Land's End suit...I miss mine from last year already!!! She looks fabulous!

The daddies and the boys in the big pool...

This was hilarious - Beth was packing their stuff up to leave on Sunday afternoon after we'd gotten back from the pool. Addison wasn't too keen on her mommy not holding her, so I scooped her up. Callie then came over and pretended to cry just like Addison - even put her fingers in her mouth like Addison does. I'm thinking it's going to be an interesting few weeks/months once our own baby arrives! :)