Saturday, March 31, 2012

While the girls were partying...

The boys were karate-ying :) The boys had a karate tournament that morning, so David took Caleb to watch them. It worked out perfectly!

Josiah preparing to spar...
Jacob preparing to grapple...
Earning the 2nd medal of the series - Leadership!

Caleb's creation while waiting for the big boys...
I'm proud of you boys! You are GREAT leaders!!!

Callie's 5th Birthday Party

Can somebody say PINK?? :) Callie likes EVERYTHING pink - my little ponies, hello kitty, barbies, princesses - so a PINK party was the easiest way to incorporate everything! :) She decided that she wanted to have a "girls-only" party again this year (poor thing - her life is so overrun with boys...) and so we decided to do it today while the boys had their karate tournament in the morning.
I stayed up way too late making those little "tulle poof" things that I hung at the windows. I am NOT crafty...I will cook you anything, but ask me to be crafty and you are asking for trouble. My friend Judy had a PINK party for her daughter a month or so again, so she very graciously walked me through step by step how to be crafty and make those things :)
Callie's cake -wait until you see the inside!!!
We started off by making some candy necklaces...
Callie Grace and Callie Elizabeth
Hannah, Sage, Hope, and Ruth
And then we put on our painting shirts and painted some tiaras! :) It was so fun seeing how different they all designed theirs!
Callie Grace
(everyone else used all different colors - Callie's was ALL pink!)
They were all so cute working on their projects...and SO quiet!! This is the difference between girl parties and boy parties I think! (The noise level went SIGNIFICANTLY higher after this project...)

We had some lunch (although I'm not sure that anyone ate more than 3 bites...
I had as many pink things as I could come up with. Strawberries, chicken nuggets (those weren't pink, but I had a coupon for a free tray from CFA so it worked out perfectly), PINK oreos, PINK marshmallows, PINK rice krispy treats, and a strawberry cream cheese crescent puff. YUM!
The NOISE of little girls was escalating at this point :) All the giggling, shrieking, etc was pretty hilarious. This is Callie with the pink creme filling from her oreo on her nose!
We played some princess games with balloons
This was hilarious - they were surprisingly really good at it!!
Hope and Callie
Callie Grace and Callie
Sage and Callie
Hannah and Callie
(Ruth was upstairs playing in Callie's room - didn't want to play any games :). They are so funny at this age! They really just want to play!)
We opened presents and then got to dig into some cake!!! She blew her candles out so fast I couldn't even get a "blowing out" picture!

YUMMY cake Mom!! :)
I've done a traditional rainbow cake a few times in the past but decided to do a PINK rainbow cake for her party (again, thanks to my creative friend Judy!). I took my favorite scratch cake recipe (thanks to Beth) and doubled it to have four HUGE layers. Tinted each layer with a different amount of pink and this is how it turned out!!! SO cute! I loved it!
Did you know they made PINK oreos...
...or PINK marshmallows? Me either!
Playing with a few of her new gifts :)
The boys came home from their tournament and ate some party leftovers :) They didn't appear to be sad that they missed out on all the girly, pink fun! :)

It's Birthday Party Day!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashlight Egg Hunt

While I was finishing preparations for Callie's party, David and the big boys went to a flashlight egg hunt put on by our city. They were VERY excited....
Nice daddy. Bunny ears. I get it.
Waiting patiently for the "GO" signal!

Jacob found two of his buddies from school (I need a headlight - that is cool!)

Nothing like blinding yourself with flashlights...obvious that the dad was in charge here...
Josiah found his friend Garrison from school.
Then they settled in and watched an outdoor showing of the movie "Hop". I heard it was very cute!

Fun, nighttime excursion for the big boys...even though it was WAY past their bedtime :)