Monday, July 4, 2011

The Peach Festival

Ever since we moved here two summers ago, I've heard about the Peach Festival. While GA may be known as the peach state, South Carolinians brag about the fact that more peaches actually come from SC!! They are delicious here, and I've always wanted to go to the peach festival! But two years ago I was extremely pregnant with Caleb, and last year it didn't fit into our itinerary with family here. So this was my year - I was so excited to finally get to go check it out!! It's in a little city about 15 minutes from us - but it was like visiting a small town from another era! I LOVED it!

First we watched the parade - it was great! Your classic small town parade with lots of old cars, grandpas driving tractors, lots of veterans, some local school groups, a few beauty queens (including Miss SC!!!) - we loved it!!!

It was very entertaining!
Then we walked a ways down the main street to find the "festival". Lots of vendors, arts & crafts tables - it was great! We really just wanted to get some peach ice cream and a bushel of peaches!!

While I waited in line for the ice cream, the kids cooled off in a mister that was nearby!

The peach ice cream was UNREAL! So good!

We stopped by an "Operation Thank You" table - an organization that sends thankyou cards to troops all around the world!!! All of us wrote a thank you note - even Caleb. We are SO thankful for our troops and their families!

Then as we were walking out, we walked through this little park and I look over at these huge pillars and said "Wait a second - I think these have the 10 Commandments carved on them!" Sure enough - they did! Complete with scripture reference at the bottom!! Mom about fell over - there in the middle of a park these 10 columns with the 10 Commandments carved on them! All morning she had been saying "you don't see these kinds of parades in DC" or "this really is small town America". Well, those monuments you definitely don't see in DC. I LOVED it - was super thankful to be living in the bible belt if it means seeing things like THAT around my community!!! Mom and I took a picture in front of the "Honor your father and mother" column. :)
My kids thought it was great too and wanted their picture taken, of course. There was a bible (in some kind of plastic cover) on top of one of them. Isn't that so cool?
We stopped by a farmer's stand on the way out and got us a bunch of delicious peaches! Successful morning!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

You are def in the bible belt! :-). Even Raleigh is a heathen city compared to yours :-). Peach ice-cream! YUMMO! And love small town parades. Reminds me of the 4th of July parade they had in our little town of Fenton, MI. So fun!