Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Angels" according to Callie

I was kissing on Callie today and we were talking about her sweet face and how God made her, etc. She has two little freckles on her face now - one by her nose and one on her cheek. I kissed them and said that's where the angels must have kissed her! She laughed and said "No, angels don't kiss me. They have hammers and hit me!" I laughed and said "What do you mean?" She repeated it again and was quite emphatic about it. I asked her how she knew this and where did she learn it and she said "from Tom & Jerry!". :)

On a totally different note, she was sitting next to me tonight while I was reading Caleb's books before bed and we were reading a "Goodnight, Washington DC" book. It's a cute little board book that Mom got for one of the big boys when they were little bitty and has lots of DC monuments and landmarks in it. We got to the page with the Washington monument in it and Callie said "Oh look! There's Rapunzel's tower!" :)

That girl!

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anthonyandbeth said...

I love her too! Funny about the angels with hammers! Who knew Tom and Jerry was making such an Impression LOL. And of course, the Washington monument DOES look like Rapunzel's castle! I totally see it :-)