Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

For the record, I do NOT like having Halloween fall on a school night. Ugh. But we'll have to deal with it for the next 4 years until it's back on the weekend again I suppose!

The boys have karate on Monday afternoons right after school, so when they got home from karate, they were BESIDE themselves with anticipation to go trick or treating. I decided to buy myself some time by taking them all trick or treating at Publix first! :) LOVE that place. They have stations set up all over the store with games and candy for kids from 4-7 pm. It was perfect!
Here's the only picture of the 4 of them in costume. I thought Caleb was going to be Buzz Lightyear...but when I went to the closet to get the costume, I realized I sold it at a consignment sale a while ago. Ooops. So I pulled out the lion costume from the attic...which freaked Caleb out. He is NOT a fan of costumed characters, mascots, etc. Poor guy. Jacob was a ninja - got it for two dollars or something crazy last year AFTER halloween. Josiah was Mario....a friend at church said to me one day "hey - your boys like video games. Either want to be Mario? We have the costume from last year". Love that. Callie was Tinkerbell - she chose a dress up costume from her closet of many options. Changed her mind a hundred times leading up to halloween but settled on tinkerbell.
my kids seriously love these little carnival types of games. LOVE them.
Still not super happy about the costume thing, but the candy thing perked him up!

We got home, forced the kids to all eat one chicken tender (while David & I greatly enjoyed the subs we got while at Publix - they are the BEST!), and then gave in and let them get started. Caleb REFUSED to put his costume back on and said he wanted to stay home and play ball with David (he was the candy hander-outer. Okay with me! Callie didn't want to wear the wings that came with hers. Fine with me. This is why I don't ever spend money on costumes. Half the time they change their mind or don't want to wear half of it. Not worth the stress!!
Off we went! I'm a pretty smart mom. I had a couple of plastic Publix bags and water bottle. Learned from experience. We get very thirsty. And their buckets get very heavy from the candy but they don't want to quit. So I take the plastic bags to dump their buckets every now and then so they don't get too heavy. Smart, right? :)
We did the back half of the neigbhorhood and then brought Callie home. She wanted to go back out, but agreed to stay with David when I told her she could eat some candy. She discovered that she LOVES handing OUT the candy and I had to pry her off of the steps later that night when it was over. She may never trick or treat again - she may be our candy hander-outer forever more! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Caleb and the Ball

This boy. May very well make us millions of dollars with some kind of ball one day. At 18 months, we'd be watching the older kids at soccer practice, and there he goes. Dribbling the soccer ball all the way down the field. While 6 year olds on my other son's team are falling over themselves. He is crazy coordinated. (Does NOT get that from me). He LOVES it. Would play ball all day long. Lately he loves throwing the football (with his left hand!), but still loves kicking the best. He found a beach ball on this particular Sunday afternoon with David and did this for an hour....

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkins and S'mores!

We finally had COOLER weather (although you wouldn't know it from looking at my boys in short sleeves), so I opted to do my last long run (only 8 miles - I'm in taper!!) in the afternoon while David took the kids to choose their pumpkins. Because of football/cheer on Saturday mornings, I've been having to get up and do my long runs at 5:30 am - in order to be back and showered in time to leave by 8 am - it's not fun! So I was thrilled to get to do it in the afternoon for once!!
Our neighbors were excited about the cooler temperature too, and invited us to join us in their backyard around their fire pit for s'mores. Yippee!!
My boys! LOVE them!
Callie and our neighbor Sage. SWEET girls!!

Josiah's Rank Test - GREEN Belt!!

The long-awaited day was finally here - Josiah's rank test. Once he got his blue belt, he knew it was going to take longer between tests as they get more difficult. He was super excited and had been counting down the days! It fell on a Saturday morning, so we had to split up to get Jacob & Callie to football/cheer while I took Caleb and Josiah to his rank test.
It always starts off with the physical conditioning part - which kicks off with a one mile run. I let Josiah wear my Garmin so he could see how far/fast he was. He loved it! :) (and big surprise, he's faster than I am! Of course he was only running 1, but still!)
Pushups for 3 minutes....I'd rather die....
Caleb did a GREAT job - these tests last SEVERAL hours...and it's so crowded in there. We were sitting on the floor along the wall for a long tie...but right next to the water fountain which he LOVED since he is tall enough to reach it (on a stool).

Josiah's right in the middle - only white uniform in the group...
Gross. He put Josiah's mouthguard right in his mouth before I could catch him...ewww...

Awarding the new belts!
Goodbye blue belt! Hello GREEN belt!!!

We have two very good friends in this group with Josiah - Savannah and Noah. Sensei bragged about all 3 of them in front of EVERYONE when he was awarding belts. He said that the three of them knew all of their requirements for this rank test several months ago, but used that extra time to perfect and strengthen their skills. He said that in doing so, it brought the level of the entire class up and he was very proud of their effort! SO proud of them!
Josiah and I went to Ruby Tuesdays afterwards for lunch to celebrate and I enjoyed my time JUST with him. I'm SO proud of you Josiah - I hope that you always stay as focused and determined as you are right now! God has given you wonderful gifts and abilities, and I know you will use them to do great things for Him!! I love you!

Friday, October 28, 2011

a FULL Friday!!

Started off making the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. Yes, I do have a half marathon next week. Really would have loved to just lick up the table after the mess all that butter made! :) They were going to serve as my take-home gift for all the pastors :)
A crockpot FULL of Shoyu Chicken...
Some lovely fall flowers for my table...
Homemade apple pie in the oven - crust from scratch and apples picked off the trees by my kids! Doesn't get much better than that!!!
Stopped by IHOP after the boys came home from school for a special afterschool snack (I realize that to most children it would count as a meal...not my starving boys...they made it clear that this was NOT dinner!) :)
LOVE free pancakes at IHOP!!

We had all the pastors and their wives over for dinner and dessert. A great evening to fellowship and relax with one another. It's been a tremendously stressful and busy last few months, so it was nice to have an evening together just to relax and enjoy each other! We put our kids in bed and this is how I found them shortly after. These two are cuddle bugs!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


...its just been that kind of week! Exhausting! :)
(This was how I found Jacob after he finished his reading this afternoon...)

Almost Friday!

Hooray - it's almost Friday! I just spent naptime NOT taking a nap...sigh...but instead digging out my desk from under a ridiculous amount of paper and bills to be dealt with. Not fun but necessary.

Here's something that IS fun! :) Tomorrow at IHOP (Friday 10/29) from 7 am - 10 pm, ALL kids under 12 can get a free Scary Face pancake. No purchase necessary. (and before you worry about what "scary face" means, it means it has whipped cream, mini oreos for eyes and candy corn for a smile....not very scary but very delicious!) We can't go tomorrow night because all the pastors and wives are coming over for dinner (hooray!), so I think it's going to be a surprise afterschool treat! :) How fun is that!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I'm pulling Callie off of a crying Caleb, she says to me (in a very exasperated voice), "But Mom, I'm only TELLING him what to LIKE!". Oh my.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

i LOVE my family!

The Brothers-in-Law

As we were taking our "sisters & mom" pictures, the boys started staging a coup. They were complaining that we are "always" taking pictures of the girls, the four sisters, sisters and mom, etc, etc. (Which is all many pictures have you seen of the four of us lined up, in birth order, etc?) They wanted a picture of the 4 brothers-in-law! Isn't that so cute?