Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Quiet Day

I really am thankful. We had a whole day yesterday where we didn't go anywhere. Sure it was because my kids were sick, but it was actually kind of nice. They weren't really BAD sick - just sick enough to be legitimate and to keep us home. I did feel bad for them because they were so pitiful looking, but today things are looking up!
Callie and Caleb decided to sit in a chair together (don't know why...) to watch Super Why this morning. Callie is ALL about her letters these days, so she is loving this show! :)
Jacob was sick one time EARLY this morning and then it was like he flipped a switch and is totally himself again! No fever at all, feeling great, ate eggs and cereal this morning for breakfast and pizza and grapes for lunch. Totally playing like normal and everything. So thankful! (And certainly enough energy to play WAR with Callie!) :)
You can tell we just came off of vacation because the boys have been teaching Noah (our neighbor) all these new games they learned. We all played Pit for a while and then they played Sorry Sliders. Josiah is anxious to teach Noah Speed next! I LOVE it! LOVE seeing games all over the place! :)
Even got to start our 1000 piece puzzle! A little nervous about if we can get it done without Caleb destroying it, but we'll see! It's Noah's ark and should be pretty fun with all the animals and everything! (Sparked an interesting conversation...there are two dinosaurs in the picture....were they on the ark? did they die before the flood? after the flood? :) )

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