Monday, July 18, 2011

KFC Night!

We were all swimming in the pool that afternoon and I turned around to see my sister Kim sitting like this. I burst out laughing and said "Kim - whose baby are you feeding?" She had put a towel over her arm to make sure her cast didn't get wet (we have a few splashers in the family!) but it made me totally flashback to the days of nursing babies!! :)
Having this awesome pool in the backyard was the BEST!!
And yes, it had a hot tub! (which I am realizing I NEVER got in!! How is that possible!)
Monday night was Kristen & Chris' night to do dinner. They declared months ago that they were going to do KFC for dinner. Sounded GREAT to all of us! Everyone enjoyed it!
It appears that when Joseph really likes something, he smears it everywhere! :)
The kids ate almost every meal out here. It was great. The rest of us took turns and sat either outside or inside at one of the tables each night. It enabled us to all eat together at the same time (I have a thing about that - I'm not a fan of feed the kids first, then the grownups most of the time), and yet the house stayed calm and clean! :)
They got drumsticks for dessert (in keeping with the KFC theme :) ). Big hit!!

Joseph is a licker - he licks his lollipops, ice cream, etc - never will bite them. Just licks!

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