Monday, July 18, 2011

A Morning at the Beach

Yet another very cool track was built and enjoyed...

After breakfast and the fishermen returned from their adventure, we all split up to do what our families wanted. Mom, Kelli, & Kristen as well as Kim's family headed back to St. Augustine to see a few more sights. We had seen enough on Saturday morning and were dying to get to the beach, so our family headed over to our private beach to enjoy for the morning.
It was beautiful. Not crowded AT ALL. Soft sand. Refreshing water. Great breeze.
Caleb totally loved it. Everything about it. Just squealed and squealed! :)
It's the quietest I've ever seen Callie. She just happily played with sand or water or buckets or whatever - and was quiet most of the time! Go figure!
See Josiah's shovel? We had shovels like this when we lived in VA Beach and they were the BEST! Long handles, real metal spades so you could actually DIG for real without it breaking! I found one (a green & pink one for Callie) at our Toys R Us but that was all they had. I called Kelli and asked her to check her TRU store and sure enough, they had two more orange and green ones for the boys! HAPPY diggers!!

We saw several jellyfish around on the sand. Josiah got stung a couple of times but seemed to be fine and got right back in the water. I remember getting stung as a kid and never wanting to go back in the ocean again!!
The happy parents - content and relaxed (although wishing I had bought new sunglasses for the trip...mine broke a few weeks ago and I haven't replaced them yet...)

Caleb wasn't really sure what to make of the whole "bury a kid" thing. He was a bit concerned...
She is such a sweetheart. (most of the time...)
Caleb changed his mind and decided he thought it would be fun to bury Jacob!

He was DEFINITELY unsure when David buried him though!!

Trying to look relaxed, and yet still totally confused I'm sure!
It took all of his might to break through!
Callie's turn!!
Josiah spent a lot of time just sitting out in the water (while David was burying kids). He was talking to himself and practicing his karate moves and stuff. I think he likes to get away by himself sometimes (and since we had 18 people in the house, he probably needed some along time!) I know the feeling!
It was a nice quiet morning together as a family. We ate our lunch and then headed back home. I could have stayed for hours more...but knew we'd be back!


Courtney said...

LOVE the pic of callie midway through. what a fun day together!

sandi said...

looks like you have a few new bathing suits... of course the last one i saw you in was maternity! you look fabulous. tell everyone hi!

oh, sometimes you can get cute shovels from hardware stores in the children's tool section... bright colored shovels with nice wooden handles.