Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where else? The ZOO!

Uncle Chris brought these awesome robots for the boys - they were completely enamored by them...and Callie and Caleb were a little afraid! (After all, they were LIFE-SIZE to Caleb!)
We realized that Kristen & Chris hadn't been to our zoo yet, so that became our outing of the morning. Kristen has always been a huge animal lover, so she was THRILLED to get to see the much-talked-about zoo. We were excited that the kangaroos were finally out of quarantine and in the new walk-through exhibit!
Jacob - my little animal lover - and a wallaby sitting about 5 feet behind him! :)
Always a favorite - Mike the Gorilla (which Callie sometimes confuses and calls "Pastor Mike" - our youth pastor) - just hanging out!

Caleb kept himself pretty happy with his cup and some cheerios...

Are you noticing a trend with Jacob and Uncle Chris? They're never very far apart! you think physical touch is Jacob's love language? :)
Callie and Kristen milked a cow...

Callie and her pony
The newlyweds :)
The only thing Caleb actually gets to ride :)
Can you believe they were all squeezed into that little kiddy train? They are troopers!
Josiah wanted to try out the coconut tree at the rock-climbing wall station this time! He was determined - and made it all the way to the top!
While the boys were busy rock-climbing, Callie and Mom rode the carousel a few times!
They were deep in conversation for most of the time!
Then the brother-in-laws decided to try out the rock-climbing wall...
...not that it's a competition or anything, but this picture sure does look like Chris made it to the top first! :)
Then of course the shoes came off and they had to try the coconut trees too...After all, if David ever goes on Survivor, he needs to be ready!

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