Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Last Big Day

One of the hardest things about having 4 kids so close together in age is that you can easily feel like you're in the "baby stage" forever. Now, I, really enjoy this stage. But for an adventurer like David, he saw a LOT of things on this vacation that he would say "oh I can't WAIT to be able to do this stuff with the kids when they're older!" There were things that we couldn't do, or couldn't do all together, or would have to take turns doing with the older ones while someone held Caleb. Don't get me wrong - we had an INCREDIBLE week - but it's just one of those things about this stage of life! So on Wednesday morning, I decided to stay home with Caleb and Callie and send the boys off with David for a "big boys" adventure of their own. I, frankly, was happy to have a quiet morning at home with the younger two, and VERY happy to let Caleb take a nap in his bed!!! :)

David took the boys tubing! He didn't tell them where they were going and they were BEYOND excited when they got there and saw the sign!!!
The only bummer is that he couldn't take the camera with them while on the river (or rather I wouldn't let him...) But they had a GREAT time! It was a nice, calm river - the ride lasted about 2 hours - and they had so much fun!!!
Then they came back to turn in their tubes and the guy there asked if they wanted any produce that he had grown...and so they came home with this zucchini that he gave them for free! It was ENORMOUS!! I didn't even know they grew that big!
After lunch we headed into "town" to explore Main Street a little bit.
We found the coolest toy store there - called O.P. Taylor's - and the kids LOVED exploring it! They had all these different themed rooms for different types of toys. It was really cool - and NOT commercial like Toys R Us or something.
This girl has turned into quite the poser!
We stopped for some ice cream, while the kids rocked away (I about had a heart attack when I read the tag on these rocking chairs - handmade by the Amish and $300 a piece!!!)

Did I mention Caleb's love of ice cream was really cultivated on this trip? I realized quickly that I should have bought him his own cone...because he ended up eating the rest of mine!!! :(
Polishing the last of it off...ahhh...a good end to a great afternoon!

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Courtney said...

so true...about not being able to do "big kid" stuff..but it will will come before we know it, right!?