Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silver Run Falls

When David was planning out our adventures for the day, he decided to venture out of the National State Park that we had spent most of our time in. He found some other really cool spots in another nearby park that we decided to check out. After seeing Upper Whitewater Falls, we parked at this little lookout point off the side of the road and followed a little worn trail down to see Silver Run Falls. We hit a gold mine! There was one other little family there, but we had it mostly to ourselves!! The boys LOVED getting to swim in the falls, and Callie and Caleb just piddled around me while we watched. it was perfect!!!

Jacob and Josiah...still warming up to the idea of swimming under the falls...and figuring out where the water got deep and where it was still shallow...oh, and I did I say the water was FREEZING cold???
I'm sucking up my pride for this post.....not looking at what I look like in these pictures...just glad I'm actually in some...to prove to my kids that I WAS actually there! It looks like all our family vacations and memories are the kids and David (because I'm always taking the pictures) :)
Callie did jump off the rock (behind us in this picture) a few times, but that was plenty for her. She was happy to make "sandcastles" by me. And I certainly wasn't going in any further than my knees - too cold!!!

You like Callie's floaties? Like she was really going to go swimming or something! :) Once she gets an idea in her head though....

Callie said she was making castles for all the princess :) Only a little girl takes mud and turns it into princess castles right?

David was the first to be brave enough to go out under the falls (and he was sent to determine where the depth was...)

The boys figured out a way to go all the way AROUND - rather than swim right down the middle - I think they figured it would be warmer that way....

They were both actually pretty nervous at this point...they couldn't tell how deep it was, and the waterfall was SO loud and SO powerful!!! I don't blame them!

Jacob going for a ride on David's back.
Josiah was the first kid out there - but you can tell he wasn't totally comfortable with it! He was all curled up in a ball! He told me later it felt like "a thousand showers" :)
I told him to stand up and smile - to look like he was having fun for the picture! :)
Jacob finally did it too - I think this was the FIRST adventure of the week that Josiah actually did first...and then Jacob decided it would be okay for him too. Usually it's the other way around.

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