Sunday, July 25, 2010

The BIG Hike!

David found us a wonderful 3.5 mile hike to go on from the Blue Ridge Parkway that would pass over two different sets of waterfalls. We put the younger two in backpacks and we were off! :)
Jacob took this picture for us! :)
(They had these two super heavy-duty backpacks at the mountain house. Callie would have been fine to walk...although it would have definitely taken longer and she wouldn't have been able to go up to the top of the falls...but I think she was excited to get to "ride" like Caleb!)
It started off at Graveyard Fields (I asked "is that because lots of people have died when taking this hike?" The answer is no :) The elevation was 5120 feet!

The kids just totally loved this - getting to climb all up and around these rocks and falls - totally in their element. I was happy to stay back with Caleb and be the photographer! :)
Here's the first waterfall that we came to - Second Falls.
David and the kids -climbing to the top...and making me nervous...sigh. This vacation could also have been aptly titled "ways to give mom a heart attack!"

we stopped for a little rest break and the boys sat in "the J-tree" :)
All of a sudden, we were totally surrounded with berry bushes! Blueberries, boysenberries, blackberries - they were everywhere! Had I known, I would have brought some containers! They were absolutely delicious and we ALL loved picking and eating them all along the hike! :)

Caleb took his nap...doesn't look all that comfy does it? He was such a trooper this week - we totally messed up his morning & afternoon naps - tried not to mess up both in the same day, but he really hung in there.
Callie "faking" like she was asleep. She did doze a little bit towards the end of the hike we think...but she loved "riding"...and it did help in some ways! (although David's shoulders paid for it...)
When we stopped for a snack, David looked like he was surrounded by seagulls at the beach or something - he had all 4 kids clamoring around him! Everyone wanted a snack I suppose! :) The little ones were ready to stretch their legs, and the parents were ready to give their shoulders a break!
Here was the second set of waterfalls - called "Upper Falls".
If you make this picture bigger, you can see the little people standing at the top of the waterfalls - oh wait! That's my FAMILY! David took the kids all the way to the top - and I thought I was going to die!!! I took the picture of them and then shouted for them to get down from there now! :)
The boys showing off their dirty bottoms - from lots of scooting down mountains, etc :)
We made it! A GREAT family hike!!!


Jayne said...

It's such a toss-up...Beach or Mountains! Isn't it great we get to choose both living where we do! I'm right there with you about being out in God's creation! Nothing like it. Your vacation to do the mountains looked like it was fun-filled with lots of unique experiences and places:) Glad you were able to slip away before your 2 boys head back to school soon!! I know ya'll go back in August in the South!! Thanks for sharing your life Katy!!

anthonyandbeth said...

i know those boys just loved every minute of those hikes in the woods! and it's mind kind of being in the a CABIN! :)

Courtney said...

LOVE that family picture! how cool that there were backpacks at the cabin!

Judy said...

David is quite the trooper to carry Callie all that way on his back. She's not a little girl anymore. I'm sure he got quite a workout!
Love the family picture! Did you use a timer?