Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Next Career Move...

...may be to become a balloon artist! The boys went to a birthday party this afternoon and came home with these creations - it's unbelievable! I'm curious how he figures out how to make these things! Do you read a book? Take classes in balloons? Hmm!!!
Jacob showing Callie his monkey climbing a palm tree
Josiah & little Yoda
Jacob's Spiderman hat
Callie, Caleb and I had run a few errands while the boys were with David at the birthday party. I found this dress for Callie on clearance (it's sort of ridiculous - the stores have all their fall clothes out...even though it's still going to be 100 degrees for another 4 months here!) and she SO badly wanted to wear it home. I finally convinced her to put her clothes back on and let her wear the new dress once we got home! :)

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