Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Own Fireworks Display

After naptime, we enjoyed a quite few hours together...
Chris started unwrapping and preparing our fireworks...
We had a great feast outside that David grilled for us, and then finished with this fun little dessert...
Mini watermelons! (Raspberry sherbet in a lime half, with mini chocolate chips on top)
Watching Wipeout...waiting for it to get dark enough outside for our fireworks
Uncle Chris and Jacob
Let the fireworks show begin! :)

They look like twins! Navy blue shirts, plaid shorts, crazy boys!

I thought for sure Callie would have fallen asleep, but she was WIDE awake so I let her come outside and do fireworks with us....even though she did NOT take a nap...that girl does NOT like to miss anything!
See Kristen on the right side of the picture. She's sort of our "safety police" - she was constantly making sure the guys were following the rules and not getting too crazy (or too close to cars, people, or houses!) Good thing she was there! David lit off one rocket, we watched it go way up in the sky and then part of it came down and landed on a neighbor's roof...and that was the end of the rockets! They went to the school parking lot afterwards to light the rest of THOSE off!)

Yep, that's my crazy husband - running around fireworks that are going off with a FIREWORK in his HAND that is going off!! Mom thought for sure he'd be directing the choir the next day with only one hand!!! It was a great show - we LOVE this new tradition of ours!

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