Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love taking pictures of my kids next to DANGER signs!!!

On Tuesday morning, we made a trip out to see a few more waterfalls - some of them very famous and well known!! This was Upper Whitewater Falls - which are the TALLEST falls east of the Mississippi! There was a big DANGER sign posted about how everyone needed to stay ON the path - do NOT venture off or try to climb to the top of the falls. It also said 17 people had died attempting to do just that! Message received! We stayed on the trail! :)
They don't look afraid do they? :)
This was only the upper half of the falls. We had to climb down 144 stairs to the bottom lookout point to see the bottom half of the falls - it was really quite breathtaking.
I told the boys I'd race them to the top...and I won! I seriously thought my legs were going to go numb - I could not feel them! I tried to be a show off and run up the stairs...that was my mistake. You'd think I'd never read the Tortoise and the Hare before! At least I didn't let my 5 and 7 year old beat me! :)
These pictures show what our kids LOVED about this vacation - just getting to climb around in dirt and explore!!!
Can you see them way up there with all those roots?
Jacob's on the left side, Josiah on the right. Maybe they'll be mountain climbers one day!
My boys look awfully little up in all that!!

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