Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matchy Matchy!

Yep, she made me do it again! We ran again on Tuesday morning - and it was rough! But we made it...and were happy at least about that fact!
The Williams boys taught mine how to play Super Mario, and my boys taught them about Batman Lego! :)
One of our biggest goals for this visit was to get a new picture made of all of us. The last picture we had taken was almost 4 years ago - right before Beth's family moved from Virginia. I was pregnant with Callie at the time! We've added 3 more kids to the mix since then so it was time for a new picture. We must have been quite the sight walking into the mall - all 9 of us in matchy matchy clothes! :) I loved it!!! :)
Picture People was having a special event that day, so they had a little craft table set up as well as a bowling game. And all the kids got sand buckets and shovels with a little goody bag inside (the best part was each goody bag had a coupon for a free 8x10 in it!) You know how much I love these free events! :)
The kids wanted to ride the escalators for fun, and they were so cute coming down that I had to take a picture!

We had lunch at the food court to celebrate our success, and the kids all enjoyed some ice cream....
....even Calie got to have his first lick!
I'd say he LOVES ice cream! :)
"Playing" on these little contraptions while Beth picked up the pictures...
"Please can I just have one more lick?" To say that he LOVED it would be an understatement!! The pictures turned out GREAT - I'll see if I can get them on here so you can see them!!


anthonyandbeth said...

we look a little better the second run. ha ha! it was so fun taking the kids for the picture. i was literally in shock about how well they cooperated! and i'm so glad Caleb enjoyed his ice cream. :)

Courtney said...

i'm catching up in order here...there better be a picture coming!

Mandy said...

Nothing like shoving your entire face in an ice cream cone! I can't believe Caleb wasn't even born yet when we last saw you guys! He's got a great smile and looks like he fits right in. :)