Friday, July 9, 2010

Everyone say MOOOOO!!!

It's Cow Appreciation Day today at Chick-fil-A! So guess where we were this morning at 8:00 AM? That's right - at Chick-fil-a - dressed like cows - to get our FREE breakfast! :) We even roped some friends to join us:

The Shipmans - their FIRST time doing this! She's hooked now - they loved it! :)
My cows - we always sound like a herd of cattle everywhere we go, but today we LOOK like one too! :)
Caleb's favorite part was ringing the cow bell!!
The backs of their shirts all say "Eat Mor Chikin" - except Callie wanted her words on the front, so she wore her shirt backwards :)
Everyone had ears too - but Caleb's didn't last very long. He was cute while he lasted!!
Thanks Chick-fil-A - we'll be back for lunch!!

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amyp said...

I thought about you guys today - it's "dress like a cow day" at our CFA here too! I knew you'd be our first friends to post photos of your adventures today! :)