Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lake - at Ridge Haven

One of the coolest things we did on vacation had to be THE LAKE!! We had access to a Christian camp that was on the same mountain that we were, and so on our last night, we picked up a couple pizzas from a local pizzeria (love that!...and by the way, yes, we have to get 2 pizzas now for our "little" family...) and headed to the lake to enjoy our last night. We timed it perfectly, because the campers (this was a REAL youth camp) were all across the street from the lake having dinner and some kind of hilarious dance camp. We had GREAT music to play too, for sure! :)

PS - There are a million pictures...but we had SO much fun and I knew the kids would LOVE seeing these pictures again....Feel free to skip over, but they had to get in THE BOOK!
All suited up in our lifejackets...everyone had to wear one...rules.
Callie was super excited. David had brought the older three earlier in the week and they told me they LOVED it! So I was anxious to see it for myself....
And Caleb and I were done. We got into a tube for about 45 seconds and then got right back out. He did NOT like his life jacket. I saw fish swimming around the dock where I got in, and the thought of tipping over into that lake just didn't get me excited. I guess I'm a water snob. Just give me a nice clean pool or ocean where I can see my feet ANY day!!! I decided I'd do just fine sitting on the dock and taking pictures - and enjoying my kids!
There was the huge platform that had a rope swing from it.
David successful!! The boys didn't have enough arm strength to do it (but they tried!)
Instead Jacob thought it was pretty cool just to climb way UP on the platform and then jump in. I couldn't believe he wasn't scared at all! (and there's Josiah in the canoe below - he was amazing at it! Go figure!)
Look out below!
Apparently Josiah has canoeing in his genes. He just hopped right in and maneuvered all around the lake! Like he'd been doing it all his life! I'm not sure that I could have done it!
They had this HUGE would have freaked me out to do it. I DIDN'T do it. But the kids - all 3 of them - did it about a thousand times. Over and over. This is Callie - she shot out of there so fast! Totally loved it - no fear!

There's all the fun, brave people in our family! :)
Jacob coming down on his stomach...
Trying it out with a tube (not a good idea - they about flipped over the slide...)
Caleb just happy to hang out with mommy. He grabbed a cup that we had used to drink orange soda with our dinner...I think he was trying to lick an remaining drops out of it! :) He's a smart one!
This sign was at the lake. This vacation really did give us rest - despite the full, busy, adventurous days. We had wonderful time together as a family - much needed time. And so it WAS rest for us. As I was sitting on that deck watching my husband and 3 of my precious kids with the other one crawling at my feet, I felt rested. Refreshed. So very thankful for the gift of this week.
There's Callie again. Notice that there is no one at the bottom to catch her. That's because she just did it over and over again. Wouldn't tell anyone - didn't need anyone to go up with her to the top or come down with her. That girl had NO fear! She LOVED it!!!
David helped the boys to climb up the rope swing from the bottom (since they couldn't hold on from the top) and he'd push them to swing...This is Jacob giving it a try...

Josiah swinging
Dirty face boy...
David in the kayak...

Can you see how far up that slide goes? I still don't think the picture gives you a fair representation of the size...
Trying again on a different tube...same result....
Trying to slide down and land IN the tube this time! :)

Don't you love how babies can be happily entertained by just about anything? Caleb's playing with pine straw here :)

A hole in one!
Right into the donut!
Callie came out like a starfish everytime - she is so light that she just flew down the slide...and would come out with her arms and legs totally flailing out - hilarious!
Climbing up David to swing think I could squeeze under there?
I just noticed the rest of my family is out THERE!
Josiah showing off his kayaking skills

Zoom in on this one - his feet are NOT touching the chair!!!!
Josiah hollered for me all the way across the lake..."take a picture of me doing this Mom!"
Can you see all the fish down there? By the kayak? Yep - that's why I was the photographer and not the very cool mom who played in the lake that day!!! :)


Tiffany said...

Love the Chair pic Katy....too cute and funny:)))

Courtney said...

so much fun! i love how adventurous callie is! :-) and the thought of you sitting and watching them...just taking them all in!