Friday, July 2, 2010

And so the party begins!

Tutu arrived on Thursday afternoon, and Josiah was excited she'd be able to give him his weekly piano lesson on Friday! She was MORE than happy to oblige! He just finished his first book and she brought his next books along with her. He is LOVING piano and is astounding me with how quickly he is picking it up. He sat with Mom for an HOUR - completely happy and loving every minute of it!
Welcome to the family Chris - and all the chaos that we bring! Jacob was very attached to Chris - and was right at his side for most of the weekend!
Tutu gave Jacob his lesson next. He also had finished his first book and was moving on - I'm SO proud of him! He has QUICKLY picked it up, and while his attention span isn't quite as long as Josiah, he is doing GREAT and I am SO proud of him!
After Caleb's morning nap, we headed out to a waterpark at a nearby Army base. It was just the perfect size for us - they had a few big slides, some children's slides, a BIG pool, splash fountains, and a great lazy river that went all the way around. We had a GREAT time!
Josiah has always been a fan of the Lazy River!
Kristen & Jacob - just chillin!

After we got home, the whole family took part in some Rockband fun! Kristen was a percussionist in high school, so she gave us all some lessons on the drums! :)
We were able to celebrate Kristen's birthday with her that night - her REAL birthday was on June 30th - so we were excited to get to celebrate with her...even if it was a few days late! Happy Birthday Kristen!

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Alden and Dorian said...

Katy, I LOVED seeing your family time ~ just love your mom being with you. Thanks for sharing ~ I LOVE blogs!