Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exploring the "neighborhood"

Warning: I probably should have added this on the previous post when I started posting about vacation. There are a LOT of pictures. But our kids are REALLY enjoying going back through these pictures and remembering....I'm sort of a freak show about them really having these memories and want them to continue to enjoy these memories. I remember clearly the vacations that my family took, and want my kids to be able to look back and remember too. So bear with me! :)

David taught Josiah how to play chess the night before. Josiah picked it up right away (I tried not to focus on the fact that my 7 year old is now smarter than me, because I STILL don't know how to play...) and proceeded to teach Jacob (who ALSO is now smarter than his college-graduate mom and picked it up RIGHT away) the very next morning. The boys loved it!
After breakfast we headed out to walk around the mountain a bit. We wanted to check out the other houses around us and see what was in the "neighborhood"...Callie found this cute bench and wanted her picture taken in it...but then the boys sat down next to her and "invaded" HER picture...hence the grumpy face...
...and now the smiley face once the boys were out of her way :)
It was really cool seeing how the neighbors incorporated different natural elements - I loved this railing they made.
I mean seriously! Can you imagine waking up every day and looking out your window to THIS?

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