Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sliding Rock

This was a super fun adventure for us for many reasons. But one of the coolest things is that I remember going here as a kid! We must have passed through on our way to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach or something. Anyways, it's this waterfall called Sliding Rock - basically a God-created water slide! The kids' eyes got as big as saucers when we told them they could slide down a rock waterfall!! The plunge was into a pool of water about 8 feet deep and freezing cold - literally about 56 degrees. Brr! It was worth it though - what a thrill! :)
David took the older 3 in line first while I waited with Caleb....frankly I was shocked that none of the kids voiced any apprehension or nervousness about it...I was nervous! :)
David and Callie were first down the slide...
She was definitely holding on tight!
...and into the VERY cold water. It almost took your breath away - it was that cold!
Jacob was next. He was VERY happy to go by himself!
...almost to the bottom....
....yea Jacob! Swimming over to Daddy now
Alright Josiah! You're next!! He was the one that I really thought would be nervous. Jacob is the adventurous one...but Josiah totally loved it and never backed off at all! Even was happy to go down himself!
There's something about watching your kids slide down a rock that makes a mother nervous!
...I had told the kids to make sure they kept their feet out in front of he was being very careful of that!
whew! They all made it down safely!
After handing off the baby to David, now it was my turn!! I remember as a child going down this SCREAMING the whole way. I am NOT adventurous in the least! But I was excited to get to conquer it as an adult now!! :)

The plunge into the water was shockingly cold - and even knocked my visor off!
Jacob came down and immediately wanted to do it again. Josiah and Callie stayed with David & Caleb to play in the creek part of the waterfall...and cheer us on!
We all survived it - and it was really fun! :)
(The only sad part about this day was that when Jacob & Callie changed into their dry clothes at the van later, they left their crocs in the street. how in the world I don't know. But one of callie's crocs fell out of the car and jacob apparently just left his on the street. We did go back later in the week and were able to find Callie's - because no one is going to take just one shoe...but jacob's were nowhere to be found. very sad.)
After we got back to "our" mountain for naps, we were driving around a bit to find where the retreat center was that we were going to visit later in the week. We pulled in somewhere to turn around and noticed that we were on Calvin Court....
...and that Calvin Court intersected with David Court! How crazy is that? (for those of you that don't know, David's first name is Calvin!)
And what vacation isn't complete without a stop by the police? :) We were stopped at a red light, right NEXT to a police car in the other lane. The turn lane next to us got an arrow and started moving...David zoned out and started to go also - and then stopped when he realized our light was still red! Sure enough, the cop pulled us over...I was so annoyed....but was relieved when he only gave David and lecture and a warning! :) These small town cops take things very seriously!


anthonyandbeth said...

your trip looks amazing! and that rock looks like SO MUCH FUN and SCARY too. :) i'm SO glad you were able to get away just your little family. :)

Courtney said...

wow! that rock looks scary to me...there was one of those on the hike pat and i just went on. i didn't even THINK about doing it. i'm not adventurous either :-) such FUN for your kids!