Saturday, July 10, 2010

No more cow costumes, I promise!

I will say that I was a bit glad to throw away all those cow spots last night! :) As much as I hate having David out of town, we really have had a fun few days. It has definitely helped having all of these fun events and activities that coincided with his time away - it has kept us occupied for sure!

This morning we headed to another building workshop at Lowe's. It was to build a ball-in-cup game. My favorite part was when the kids decided we could build these and save them for our Operation Christmas Child boxes! :) This project seemed a bit harder than past ones - not sure why - but we had some issues with nails going haywire. It worked out, and all was well in the end! :)

We also went to Books-a-Million to get started in their summer reading program. It's based on Magic Tree House books, which my boys LOVE! They got their reading passports and Josiah has already gotten 2 stamps. After they read the books, there is an online quiz (3 questions per book). Once they get the questions correct, they get to print out a stamp for their passport. I'm glad to hear that as much as Josiah reads, he really is understanding and retaining it!

This afternoon, our neighborhood hosted a pool party. The kind where we just get to show up and have fun!! They had a huge blow-up water slide and a bunch of games for the kids. They had a hot dog dinner and then had some relay games for the teens and adults too. It was really fun! So thankful to live in such a family-friendly neighborhood. The kids were BEYOND excited when they discovered that they each got a whole PACK of silly bandz when we left!

A fun, full day. We did eat leftover Chick-fil-A for lunch, and since dinner was provided at the pool party, that's two days in a row that I haven't had to cook!! :) Oh, and Caleb is really taking steps ALL the time now - I just know he's going to TAKE off soon. And I discovered that his bottom right tooth has popped through - didn't even know it was coming, but I guess it's about time! My little baby is growing up...way too fast! I dropped one feeding last week, and will drop a 2nd one tomorrow...sigh....where did my little baby boy go???


the wiedmaiers said...

knowing all that (about caleb) makes me miss you guys more! brittney visited with us on friday ~ we had not seen her or britton since before christmas. she was asking all about your goings on. said hello if i thought about letting you know. so hello from brittney.

Anonymous said...

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