Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Mommy

We are so happy here. I am so thankful that God brought us here. When I think back on last year (which I have done a LOT of this year), I am amazed at all that He did to bring us to where we are now. But there's one little thing that I miss. A LOT. I think about it A LOT.

The beach.

I so miss living near the beach! I miss being able to drive 20 minutes and be at my favorite little secret spot (that we stole from Sue!). Being able to sit on the sand - with MAYBE 3 other families there IN TOTAL - and watch the kids play on the sand and in the water. I've always said that the beach is more relaxing to ME than the pool. Don't get me wrong - i LOVE my pool - but I'm always ON at the pool - because my kids are always in the water. At the beach, I'm able to sit in one spot for some amounts of time and watch my kids - whether playing in the water, in the sand - whatever!

So on Friday, I convinced David to make a day trip down to Charleston and hit the beach. We did, and we had a GREAT time! The only bummer? I forgot my camera. I know - I could have died. But we SO loved it. We got there at 11 am and stayed until almost 5 pm. The kids were phenomenal - they LOVED it. I LOVED it. David loved it - until he got sunburned. :( It was Caleb's first time and he totally LOVED it! Water, sand - all of it! LOVED the waves crashing on his little legs. Loved crawling around in the water. Loved crawling around and playing with trucks in the sand. Didn't eat the sand, didn't get frustrated about the sand. Just a happy boy. Finally stopped moving long enough at about 3 pm for me to pick him up and hold him, and was asleep in about 2 seconds. Took about a 45 minute nap in my arms - ahhhh. So nice.

Josiah and Jacob had a blast - they loved their boogie boards and weren't scared at ALL. They were way out and totally were loving it. Callie went out once with David, but really preferred the "little waves" up near the shore and playing in the sand. We had such fun together. I hated that I didn't have my camera, but it was sort of freeing all at the same time - I was just able to enjoy my family and BE with them...instead of just taking pictures of them!!

We lived dangerously and got ice cream before dinner and heading home - what a treat! :) The 2 hr drive there and back felt like nothing at all, and David and I so enjoyed the time to talk. Ahhh...happy mommy for sure!


Judy said...

Oh Katy! Two hours is nothing! That's totally do able! If I had a beach two hours away, I would take day trips ALL THE TIME! Unfortunately, it's a five hour drive for us...although it would be much quicker if everyone else would just get off the road :)

I'm so glad you guys had some beach time! I hope you'll get to do it again this summer! Sounds like a great time!

The Stein Family said...

This made me homesick! Charleston is where I grew up -- it's my home...I'm so jealous! And I can identify - our closest beach is also 2 hours away - which sounds like a doable day trip until you think about packing up all the 'kid stuff'!

Courtney said...

wow - sounds PERFECT. just PERFECT! all of it! even forgetting your camera :-)