Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dry Falls

After Silver Run Falls (and staying longer than anticipated because of all the FUN we had), we stumbled onto a Wendy's on our way to our next adventure. We stopped and grabbed some lunch so we were free to stay and enjoy our next destination - Dry Falls! The information said that you could fully walk behind this massive waterfall - so the boys couldn't WAIT to check this one out! :)

Here's the very top part of it...there was a winding paved trail down to where you could actually "experience" it! :)
and THIS is what you were walking behind! It was pretty awesome - literally! The power, the sound of ALL that water rushing down on top of you - it was breath taking!
If you look VERY carefully, you can see David (in a brown shirt) off the trail up above - Callie all of a sudden HAD TO GO TO THE BATHROOM (if you know what I mean), so he rushed off to find a spot that she could go. Gotta love nature in all its beauty right? :)

Other than Callie's bare midriff, I'm glad we got ONE good family picture from this vacation! :)
The kids kept finding all these hilarious "picture spots" - as in "Mom, please take my picture here!" spots! :) I couldn't resist!

And of course Callie just HAD to do everything her brothers were doing. EVERYTHING!
I know I've already said it before, but Caleb was such a trooper - he loved taking everything in, watching all the people - seeing all the sights. Even though we TOTALLY messed up his schedule, he just went with the flow...and slept like a ROCK at night! :)

Josiah, Callie, Caleb, and Jacob - oh I love these sweet babies of mine!
What? You mean we were together? I know - a rare picture of the BOTH of us. together. and without any kids hanging on us. Not a great picture - but proves we were there! :) And LOVING being there together!!
He thinks he's really this rock climber adventure guy. Don't anybody tell him he's a pastor!

Showing off HER dirty bottom after sliding down a mountain trail :)

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