Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie Night!

It was nice coming home from vacation on Thursday night - because we still had two days of our "weekend" ahead of us since Friday is David's day off. After everyone had good, long naps on Friday (we really wore them out on vacation!), we had a family movie night on Friday!
David had picked up a free movie rental at the Blockbuster Kiosk (LOVE those free codes!!) to watch, so after getting Caleb in bed, we all settled in to watch.
Unfortunately, there was a problem with the DVD, so after spending 10 minutes trying to clean/fix it, we had to give up and switch gears. We found the Prince of Egypt VHS tape (old, old, old, I know!) in the recesses of the closet and decided the boys were old enough to watch it.
They were riveted! We had talked through the book of Genesis on vacation and so they were SO excited to see the movie of the story of Moses. They were quick to correct which parts in the movie weren't "right" - as in, not exactly how the Bible teaches it! We enjoyed ourselves....even if it did end up being a late night! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

haven't thought of that movie in forever. it is always nice to come home from vacation and have a few days to just be at home. :)