Monday, July 12, 2010

A First!

After all these years of strawberry picking EVERY year, I finally branched out and picked something OTHER than strawberries!! The kids and I went blueberry picking this morning! We had heard about this fabulous farm that ended up only being about 10 minutes from our house - and they had more blueberry bushes than the eye could see!! It was unreal! The kids were very excited - although the excitement faded a bit as they realized it was going to take a LOT longer to fill a bucket than it does when we pick strawberries. :) We had a ball! And since the season lasts through August, we'll be able to pop over and get more a few more times. It was nice not having the pressure of filling my whole freezer today! :)
Blueberries were one of the first fruits that Jacob would eat. He was not the normal baby who loved every kind of fruit. He didn't even like applesauce until he was almost 3!! But blueberries he liked - I think primarily because his favorite color is blue - but whatever gets them to eat them! :)

As they were eating the berries, they were exclaiming about how these were the BEST blueberries they ever ate. I know that being part of the process makes food more accessible and more fun for kids - so we'll do whatever we can to encourage these healthy eating habits!! :)

Is he a happy boy or what? I love this little guy!!!
The older ones thought Caleb wanted a try at picking too! :)


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Jenn said...

what?! first time picking blueberries!?!?! wasn't it the best - ours have been SO yummy!

love your characters in the bottom picture - caleb is like...what the heck?!!? :)

Judy said...

I love blueberry picking because you don't have to bend over the whole time :)
Looks like you got quite the stash! And they're so healthy!!!